April 12, 2020

To all the Single Mamas in Quarantine: You are a Warrior.

To my fellow single mamas in quarantine,

Exhale. Just exhale.

Whatever you think you need to do or accomplish, breathe that sh*t out of your existence. Right here, right now.

Pause for a minute. Put your hands on your heart. Feel that?

Yes. There you are. Human.

You are not a superhero, a credentialed homeschooling teacher, or Katniss Everdeen. You are you, and you are doing your best.

Stop judging yourself. Allow yourself a little grace as you’re still learning how to navigate each day.

Stop comparing yourself—I promise that “Instagram-happy” grass isn’t any greener on the other side.

Stop pressuring yourself. You’re already taking on double duty. In fact, you should commend yourself! Give yourself credit for surviving. You are making it happen!

Stop hating on yourself. Stop fixating on the way you look. Woman, you are so damn beautiful. Just as you are. Believe it.

Stop neglecting yourself. It’s okay if the screens are on a little longer, or dinner is delivered. Take a minute to care for your body, mind, and heart.

Stop filtering yourself, and be true to you. Say what you need to say—ask for help, express, scream into your pillow, or cry in the shower. Just let it out and let it go.

Sweet mama, I promise you that your kids will be okay. They know they’re safe and loved. They know that mommy is their provider and protector. They know everything you’ve sacrificed for them, and even if they don’t know it now, they will.

Let yourself be whoever you need to be. It’s okay to not be okay. Just breathe.

I’ll say it again: just breathe.

Inhale truth and exhale fear. Remind yourself that you are more than capable.

You are equipped. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are a warrior and you’ve got this, one gray hair at a time.

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Read 14 comments and reply

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