May 22, 2020

Love is Not Always Perfect. Love has its Messy Parts.  


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Once the words “I love you” cross our lips, emotions heighten.

But, we are too swept off our feet to realize that love can be messy at times. When the newness wears off, we start picking apart every little quirk we once found cute in our partner, and the mind starts to ponder, even questioning the relationship. Questions arise:

Do we give up?

Do we fight it out and hope for the best? 

Do we just pack up and run away? 

Or do we suck it up? 

Before I could make my decision, I needed to sit my butt quietly on a couch in a cafe somewhere away from him. I needed to figure out why I thought love was supposed to be perfect, like in “The Notebook”

So, I picked up my pen and wrote a little poem about what love is and what love isn’t: to Steven, my Noah from Christina, your Allie.


“Real Love is Messy.” {Poem}

We all mess up. 
No one is amazing 100 percent of the time. 
When we love we see everything. 
It gets messy.
We pick. 
We fight.  

We ponder over our choices. 
We ask—why is this happening? 
Is he “the one”? 

Damn it—isn’t love perfect? 
Lovers do not fight. 
That damn ego.
The victim we play.
Things didn’t go as we expected. 

We want unconditional love. 
Do we give unconditional love?
We want someone to love us. 
Chase us.
Not abandon us. 
Not walk away.  

Is this love?
Where is the romance? 
We want to be heard— 
But do we listen? 

We forget ourselves! 
We forget the work we did on ourselves. 
We open our big egotistic mouths.

We forget.  
Who we are.
Who we were.
Where we came from.
Where we are going.

We forget our standards.
Let our boundaries down.
We let our egos take over.
We forget to respect ourselves.

What are we doing?

Fear takes over.
We push—
Boundaries are crossed.
That ego!

Regret sets in.
Insecurities take control.
Fear burns within our minds.
(We fall apart.)
Fear wins.

Love is not perfect.
Love is not like in the movies.
Real love is messy.
Let’s stop running away from the messy parts. 

What do I want?

I want you.
I want all of you.
All of the messy parts too.

Even The Notebook” had messy parts.




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