May 8, 2020

Falling: An Unexpected Journey

When we fall unexpectedly it shakes not just the inside of our heads but also our hearts and souls, which I sometimes think are some of the many overrated subjects of matter in our world today. But, more than often we do not realise that these are the things that provide us with our humanity, our kindness, our care, the soft spots, the rough spots and the scars. Scars are beautiful not only because they represent sufferage but because they represent stories, stroies of standing up once again, even though you fell in the most unexpectd way, at a time whne you think everything was finally going good.

These scars are like paints on a canvas and only they can complete the painting of your personality, but no one can do that for you, the paint brush lies in your hands because you are the artist. I can use big words like PEACE and PROSPERITY an HONESTY but I don’t think that it would bring justice to the demon’s inside us. We are all creatures created with light and dark particles, which are still a mystery and will always be, but isn’t that what makes us who we are.

We are humans, the most sophisticated beings on the Planet Earth, we feel but we can also express. we suffer, we realise, we feel emotions which are way to cruel. We face guilt and misery, but we also find love and happiness which give a meaning to our Lives. I have fallen, fallen unexpectedly on my face but I have also risen and that makes me who I am, shattered but put back together as one piece. I am 15 and I have already realised that our life time can be a majority of bad times but at the end the minority of good times, will be your highlight. It all happens for a reason, for reformation, for recovery, for love, for misery, for guilt, but most importantly for us.

I won an opportunity to attend a Global Model United Nations Conference, but I couldn’t get through the Visa Process, it shattered me completely, I thought that each second of my hardwork for those 5 months had gone to a waste Disposal, but I was wrong, it introduced me to myself, it brought me to a path I thought I would never decide to travel on. But I started writing and I think that I had found my place, the place where I belong. I learnt to believe, to accept, to forgive, to forget, to have faith and hope which is at par with my fear today that I might just fall once again. And I believe that you can discover your Hope, remember it is somewhere inside you just have to locate it.

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