May 13, 2020

My 5-Minute Morning Meditation for Self-love & Empowerment.

It is important to integrate the mind, body, and soul by following a daily spiritual practice.

Consistency is key, so spiritual practice should be made part of daily routine. However, amidst the bustle and stresses of daily life, it’s not always practical to achieve this—especially when there are so many different spiritual practices we are advised to undertake: meditation, journaling, yoga, cutting cords, grounding, and the list goes on.

If only we had the time each day to devote to all of these practices! The reality is, most of us do not have that much time, and we struggle to fit in our spiritual practice around family, friends, college or University courses, work, household chores, and so on.

With this challenge in mind, I set out to develop a flexible meditation that works around you. If you have a busy schedule, then this simple, but impactful meditation is perfect for you.

It can be performed in five minutes, or you can extend it for 10, 20, 30, or more minutes. It’s entirely up to you, because the structure of the meditation is the same regardless of how much time you devote to it.

When we meditate, we are attuned to the theta brainwave frequency, which is the same frequency our brain is in in those first few moments when we wake from sleep. That’s why I recommend performing this meditation first thing in the morning, as your mind is at its most receptive to energetic calibration in a post-hypnotic state (which happens right before we fall asleep and just before waking up).

This simple six-step practice will enable you to:

>> Enter a state of deep calm

>> Shift your energy using “priming

>> Provide both grounding and “sourcing” (or connection to Source energy)

>> Focus on self-love

>> Express gratitude

>> Align with your innermost calling

>> Focus on self-empowerment

Are you ready? Then let’s go.

Step 1: Shift Your Energy

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. Ensure your back is straight. Place your palms, facing upward, either on your legs or by your side. Relax your neck and shoulders. Firmly plant your feet on the ground and ensure your legs are not crossed.

Inhale to the count of five, hold your breath for a count of five, then exhale to a count of five. Repeat this deep breathing cycle two more times. Ensure you focus on your breath and try to clear your mind of any wandering thoughts. If a thought does pop into your mind, simply acknowledge it and release it. Imagine your thoughts are clouds passing in the breeze: notice them, but do not dwell on them; simply let them pass without judgement.

Next, return to a normal breathing rhythm.

After a few moments of breathing normally, raise both hands into the air, then bring them down to your shoulders as quickly as you can. Then raise them up as quickly as you can, and bring them back down as quickly as you can. Alter your breath to follow this action: your breathing should be short and shallow. Repeat this action 10 times. This activity is called “priming” and serves to recalibrate your energy. After 10 repetitions, resume your normal breathing rhythm for 10 breaths.

Repeat all of the above two more times. So, in total you should perform three sets of “priming” followed by normal breathing.

Step 2. Grounding and Sourcing

Grounding means connecting with our bodies and to the earth. Sourcing means connecting to our higher self. While these activities may seem mutually exclusive, they are not, for both are necessary for integrating mind, body, and soul—and can therefore be performed simultaneously.

Stay within a normal breathing rhythm. Now imagine your spine lit up by a bright white light. Visualize that light extend downward from the base of your spine deep down within the earth. Next, imagine that light extend upward from your spine, through your crown chakra, into the sky, into the clouds, into the atmosphere, into the stars, and beyond.

You should now have an image in your mind of a bright light that descends from the clouds to the top of your head, that passes through your body—from the top of your head, down your spine, and out from the base of your spine, continuing to extend deep within the earth.

Step 3. Focus on self-love

Next, think of three of your best qualities, however trivial they may seem. In your mind, state what those qualities are as positive affirmations. For example:

I have a great sense of humour

I am loving

I am kind

I am a good parent

I am a good artist, musician, or writer

I see the best in others

I am a good cook

I am beautiful

I am hard working

I am resilient

I am laid back

I am committed

I am a good husband, son, daughter, wife 

Step 4. Express gratitude

In the quiet of your mind, now state three things you are grateful for in your life, however trivial they may seem. For instance:

I am grateful for…

>> The smell of fresh coffee in the morning

>> A nice, hot bubble bath whilst listening to my favourite music

>> Playing football with the children

>> Reminiscing with friends

>> My creative gifts, such as the ability to paint, write, play music

>> The opportunities that I have had in my life so far

>> My independence

>> Lazy Sunday mornings

>> Breakfast in bed

>> Snuggling on the sofa with my partner

>> The feel of fresh bedsheets

>> Forehead kisses

>> Walking in the countryside

>> The smell of freshly cut grass

>> My favourite meal

Be as specific as you can. Feel the appreciation for what you have in your life and let it light up your heart.

Step 5. Align with your innermost calling

The next step is about visualizing your future. What are your hopes, dreams, and desires? Imagine yourself 10 years from now—and that your dreams have come true.

Ask yourself:

>> What do I look like? (are you slim, muscular; what are you wearing?)

>> What am I doing? (are you enjoying time with family or do you have your dream job?)

>> Where am I? (are you at home, on holiday, at work?)

You may find that your answers to all three questions are linked. For example, if you are in your dream job as a personal trainer, perhaps you are toned, dressed in workout clothes, and teaching a class in your own gym. Try to imagine each of the above as a scene from a movie in as much detail as possible. For example, ask yourself: “Who else is there? What can I smell? What can I hear? What colours stand out for me?”

Now, most importantly, ask yourself:

How do I feel?

Do you feel elated? Excited? Happy? Content? Fulfilled? Secure? Abundant? Loved? Admired? Inspired? Motivated?

Find the feeling and try to enter into that feeling, right now. Stay with the feeling for a few moments. By visualizing and feeling our future selves, we can manifest that future state by energetically aligning our intentions to the Universe.

Step 6. Focus on self-empowerment

Finally, stand up from your seated position, but keep your eyes closed. Assume a “star” position, standing with your feet spread apart and extending your arms out to the side (approximately shoulder-height). This is a position of empowerment.

Next, imagine a bright, golden light enter into your crown chakra. Allow the light to fill up your entire body, like water filling up a cup. Imagine the light rising up from your feet, through your legs, through your midriff, down your arms, across your shoulders, and so on until your entire body is filled with light. Take your time. Imagine every cell of your body filled with this light. As you do this, breathe slowly and deeply.

At the end of this mediation, you should feel relaxed, reenergized, and ready for the day ahead.

And that’s it!

So, why not give it a try? I hope this meditation exercise serves you.

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