May 9, 2020

We Owe it to the Artists: How Art & Music lift us from Darkness.

Nothing makes me feel as close to the divine force as music.

This might sound over-the-top, eccentric, even, but that doesn’t make it less true. I feel pure ecstasy when I listen to most of the music I enjoy but sometimes a particular song grabs me from the inside and travels through my veins like poison making my body burn. ⁣

And this particular poison tastes sweeter than anything:


The songs vary, but the sensation is always the same—my blood boils and every inch of my body vibrates as it is engulfed by the sounds. The outside world stops, all thoughts stop, there is only this ravenous force inside of me that threatens to break out of my chest.⁣

This sensation was amplified the night I went to see MuOM, an overtone singing ensemble.

I tend to enjoy music more on my own, as I find large groups of people distracting, but the atmosphere created by this ensemble transcended the physical realm.

My first thought when they came out and started singing was, this is what angels must sound like, and tears rolled down my face as the notes traveled deep within me and melted my soul. 

There was a higher force at play as they sang before us. There was no room for distractions. Like those around me, I was transfixed, fully present, untouched by my own stream of thoughts.

I was momentarily living from my true essence. A moment of pure bliss, the kind of bliss that feels abundant and eternal.

It is in these moments that I feel closer to something greater than all of us.⁣ 

It is in these moments that I am capable of feeling all of creation within me.⁣ 

It is in these moments that I am momentarily blinded, unable to see the tangible world, but at the same time, my eyes are wide open and can see beyond. ⁣

I see the stars and the planets, and the silent darkness that surrounds them.⁣ I see life on Earth, an intricate miracle full of beauty and terror.⁣ I see each one of us but it’s not our bodies. I see, not the things we wear nor the things we do and say. I see the essence in us, and it is made up of light and darkness like the universe itself.⁣

We are children of this universe and sometimes it speaks through us, and its language is the language of music and art, and other forms of expression that transcend daily communication.⁣

It is the language of the soul.⁣

As the outside world stops and we are forced to retreat into ourselves, we turn to these forms of expression.

We crave something that only artists can give. We crave sounds and visions that move us, that touch our heart in unforgettable ways. And over and over I feel the presence of something greater behind these works, something that decided to co-create with the artists that nourish our souls.

Suddenly, a silent communication has taken place as the universe, as Spirit nudges us from the inside, making us recognise these forms of expressions for what they are: a reminder that this divine force is always there.

The right song, the right image, the right story, presents itself just when we needed to hear it, see it, feel it, experience it. 

Art is Spirit’s gift to us in times of need and artists are the gifted vessels that provide us with this magic that awakens our senses.

It is not exclusive to humans, for other species sing and dance and decorate their homes and draw patterns on the bottom of the sea, but we have countless words to describe the significance of these creations.

Let us always remember how much we relied on them when the world stopped; when tragedy swept over us and hearts broke. When we felt alone and scared, and only soothing music or a touching scene or a colourful image or a relatable character gave us a sense of blissful abundance, because behind them Spirit whispered quietly: 

“You’re home.”


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Read 4 comments and reply

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