May 21, 2020

We will Keep the Flow Alive: Yoga in Times of Crisis.

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A pandemic stopped the world and has created fear in many of us.

On March 13th, the Philippine president announced community quarantine to battle the spread of the Coronavirus. At first, the capital city of Manila was closed down, but soon, under the enhanced community quarantine, major business areas around the country were also shut down.

What started as a month-long lockdown turned into 80-plus days of uncertainty.

The lockdown forced a lot of businesses to close and affected a variety of industries. In the beginning, we all came together. Since our studios were closed down, and we had time on our hands, we focused on helping others. Us yoga teachers and studios led fundraising efforts to donate to our frontliners. However, it soon dawned on us that we may not have classes in our studios for a long time.

It was a tough thing to shake off, but I am not the type who would just stand and take the blows from this pandemic. Not only do I need to support myself, but I also believe that this is the time when we need yoga the most.

We all know that yoga benefits not only the body, but also the mind. It was this thought that became my drive to put up my own YouTube channel. My channel acts as a studio without walls—it is my space where I can teach, inspire, and help my students to take care of their body and soul. Soon, I tapped into another discovery where it enabled not only me, but also other yoga teachers, to connect with students and teach yoga and earn a living through it.

As my channel continues to gain traction, I also want it to become a source of inspiration for my fellow yoga teachers. I shared my knowledge of digital marketing, and even thought of a way to show our solidarity though a fun and engaging video, inspired by a recent post that went viral.

The message of the video is clear—we are here to stay, and we will keep the flow alive.

Now is the perfect time to practice yoga, and this is the perfect way. Whether you are a beginner, or a lifelong yoga enthusiast, there is a class for you.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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