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May 11, 2020

What Causes Us Stress?

What causes us stress? 

Outside factors that channel a sense of lack and urgency within our minds. Uneasy tension, physical discomfort and sleepless nights.

Through my experience, I know that stressing about situations that are somewhat out of our control, prevent us from enjoying our daily lives.

Life is too short.

When we think of how long it will take us to be in a position of comfortability, you probably would have thought you’d have been there by now… How long is it going to take?

It was through meditation and analysing my thoughts that I came to realise how much was really on my mind. I had to laugh in the face of my anxiety because I no longer wanted to be defeated by the fear of the unknown. We don’t know what’s around the corner. It can be a simple text message from a person who we haven’t heard of in a while, that can spark some kind of anxiety out of the norm from our daily routine. Though, this was a reminder of what I left behind and how much I have gained since I stopped dragging dead weight.

It’s fear of being in a position you were once unhappy in slowly creeping back upon you, but quickly realising you have learnt that lesson.

You see, stress can be in the form of the tax office demanding money within a short time frame. Just to find out that so long as you do all you can they cannot penalise you.

It’s fearing that for so long you have been waiting for this moment and you do not want anything to go wrong. So you relish in the fear of the journey rather than the success.

Maybe my anxiety is a source of stress, but when I really look into the benefits of my situation I realise I am only fearing the worst.

I am all out of sorts.

I begin to realise the need to express gratitude for all that I have accomplished, how far I have come. As well as being thankful for the simple necessities that I am blessed to have that I once lacked. Being thankful for the surrounding love I have around me.

However, it almost suffocates me into my anxiety, because what if I fail and let someone down? It’s the realisation of being thankful and doing all we can within a situation. Take it a day at a time, then we can begin to focus and understand our way of living.

It’s loving each day and living it like it’s our last because we all know we have a death sentence. No matter how much you worry, stress, and have anxiety over a situation you never know when that moment will end. So do you want to be remembered as a person who lived in fear? Or would you much rather prefer to begin to live the example of the life you want to lead?

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