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June 28, 2020

Are you making time for Fun and Play?

Have you notice that as children we use colourful pencils, we wear bright, coloured outfits and as we become professional adults, we replace these with black or blue pens, and too often we wear black or grey outfits? Similarly, sometimes as adults we lose sight and forget to make time for fun and play.

Many years ago, I had a full plate of activities that I loved doing, until I went to see a physiotherapist for back pain. The physio. told me not to play volleyball or badminton, no more kickboxing and not even latin dance! I was so crashed. It felt like end of the world to me. In place of all those activities, I was given some clinical pilates exercises, which at that time, I found utterly boring and did not follow consistently. To avoid the loss, I focused on my career to the point that it was all that I was doing. It wasn’t healthy to my mind, body, soul nor to my life.

Towards the end of last year, I made a decision to bring balance back to my life. Now, doing the sport activities that I love doing, dancing, creating through my coaching and random art  have brought me back to life. I can say that fun and play is just as important as the air we breath.

Fun and play provides us with a fresh mindset, an attitude of ease and flow towards life. They  invite us to greater levels of consciousness, openness, courage, creativity, inspiration and better relationships with ourselves and others. So I encourage you to reflect on your daily living and ask yourself if you are making sufficient time for fun and play. If not, what is holding you back? If it’s a health condition, can you find alternative ways to still have fun and playful activities? What are some of the activities you are passionate about? How would you feel if you begin by doing do one of them?

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