June 21, 2020

How our Childhood affects our Love Style: The 5 Types.


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There are many schools of thought for how we end up with the personalities and tendencies that we do.

But most people seem to agree that our parents and childhoods have at least some impact—and some believe that these are actually the most important factors in who we become.

So how does our childhood affect who we are—and, more specifically, how does it affect the way we show up in love?

Milan and Kay Yerkovich, two marriage and family counselors, discovered that everyone has a specific love style based on how they were raised and what their childhood was like. Through extensive research, they figured out the five most common love styles that people exhibit in relationships:

  1. The Pleaser
  2. The Victim
  3. The Controller
  4. The Vacillator
  5. The Avoider

According to Milan and Kay, a majority of people fall into one of these five categories, and they can help explain our unhealthy patterns in relationships.

In the following video, the five love styles are broken down and explained. Which one are you?

“How Your Childhood Affects Your Love Styles”


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Read 12 comments and reply

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