February 28, 2021

21 Meaningful Mantras to get us through our Day.


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Mantras are how we pause during the day and rediscover what is important; they are statements of positive intention.

The science of mantras being used in meditative practices shows some deactivation of the brain’s default mode network or a quieting of the mind. Many find repeating a phrase over and over again calming. Feeling calm decreases stress and leads you to peace, creating a better immune system and aiding with mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. It creates overall better brain health.

Mantras bring mindful attention to our thoughts and override our negative thinking patterns. Essentially, we are grounding ourselves in good thoughts. Our self-awareness and self-love triumph over self-doubt and destructive mindsets. We become more optimistic and positive, receiving what we are putting out there. So, why not try it?

If you are looking for some simple statements to anchor yourself with during the day—whether you are looking for motivation, refreshing insights, new perspectives, self-love, or mindfulness—try these 21 mantras, anywhere, anytime.

Just breathe—exhale all the negative thoughts and energy, inhale the positivity. Find a calm place, a comfortable position, unplug from distractions, and use this time for you. A gift to yourself. Repeat as often as you like, until you only think of the mantra. Create your own, too. And see if it changes you.

All is well

It hasn’t happened…yet.

I will be here now.

I will remember who I really am and act accordingly.

I am enough.

No one can take my joy from me.

What others think does not define me. I am ME.

I surrender! (This one is great for facing uncertainty and just trusting.)

I choose love.

Just keep moving.

I embrace my flaws and call myself flawsome.

Peace is my practice.

I release what no longer serves me.

I choose where to spend my energy.

I am content.

I give myself grace for what I did not know before now.

My story isn’t over yet.

If I can’t change a situation, I can change myself.

I can make a difference exactly where I am.

With every breath, I release my stress.

I am grateful for…

Start your day off right! Try a mantra and see how it makes you feel. It could make your day better and give your soul peace. If you find yourself feeling low at any point, speak these words to yourself, to create some positive self-talk. Ground yourself with them. Open your heart, become mindful, and find gratitude in your life. Then, you will have a moment to yourself where you say what you need to hear like you would to a best friend. Self-compassion can create your agenda for the day.

When we say these mantras, we focus on the good.

What good can we pull from each situation? What positive impact can we have? It all starts from our self-talk. Positive self-talk will lead us into more of a balanced mindset where we acknowledge the difficulties of life but with some optimism. That way, we can find hope again. When we do this, we also activate our vagus nerve causing us to rest and digest. This helps us regulate our emotions and leads us into greater calm.

When overwhelmed, don’t give up. Take a breath and say a mantra.


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