June 3, 2020

“We are Beautiful, Black is Beautiful.” Reflections after attending the BLM Protest 2020.


Protest, Auckland 1/6/2020.

Society as we’ve once known it is currently changing.

We need to enforce that there will be zero tolerance for institutionalised racism, police brutality, and violence.

We all have a purpose; when we come into this world we have a mission. Some of those missions end in tragedy, creating a great awakening.

George Floyd died begging for his life.

We all saw what happened. But what is unjust is how this is acceptable and even up for debate!

It was stone-cold murder.

Without mobile phones, the Internet, and social media, this wouldn’t have even been brought to our attention.

Is it only because we have made such a noise and a fuss as a society and a collective that now something is being done?

We are tired of it.

Racism is so exhausting. Racism is fear.

Racism is being afraid.

But we can’t be afraid anymore, we can’t keep holding onto our fear of it.

We need to start reclaiming acknowledgment and respect.

My people, my African people, I come from you.

I am you, you are me, we are one.

I may “be” mixed race but my heritage, my visage is all you.

I relate to your words, I know the story.

The institution has created self-hate.

Our hair is “nappy.”
Our “noses are wide.”
We are “monkeys.”

Na, brothers, and sisters, we are much more than that, it’s in our language.

Let’s replace these words and tell each other:

“We are Kings and Queens.”
“We are beautiful, black is beautiful.”
“We are power, we are love.”
“We are one, I am you, you are me.”

We love each other,

Let’s change the narrative, let’s tell our story.

This is our time.


Watch an anti-racism hour with Jane Elliott talking with Waylon Lewis of Elephant, here.

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