June 29, 2020

I’m Done Being Silent—This is How I Reclaimed my Freedom. {Poem}

I am the same as I was before. Except now, I have found my voice.

I don’t know why, or where my voice was hiding for all these years. Maybe it never fully grew to spread into the world, or maybe it got a bit lost on the way, but it certainly wasn’t there anymore.

From my parental home, to my marital home, and then far away from my birth place into an unknown new world, it became weaker and weaker—almost silent.

I watched my many female companions, including my mother and sister, struggling to shine their light as individuals—not believing in their right to have their own voice, to be heard loud and clear.

Why was that? Was it the culture, beliefs, and tradition that diminished our voices? Certainly, for years and years it felt wrong and inauthentic to be locked in the inner space of silence.

I had to undergo a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth to recognise that being myself is wonderful, it’s uplifting, and it’s more than enough. I had to accept myself, fall in love with myself—with all of my perceived weaknesses, omissions, sidetracks, and mistakes—to embrace myself fully with major and minor cracks, insecurities, injuries, and flaws. I needed to embrace all that I am in this world and to this world, to feel fully alive.

Finally today, I feel free.

I feel like me—a mirror image of my predecessors and a projection of the next generations that will carry my genes. Beauty of this existence, my expression, discoveries, and acquisition of the simple-small or big-complicated truths formed my unique, one of a kind voice.

It took me years to be brave enough to share it, but my articles and poems now featured in Elephant Journal are seen by thousands of eyes and I couldn’t be more proud.


My Voice

I found my voice,

It was buried inside,

Inside you have no choice,

You have to let it run wild.

Oh my weak, feeble voice,

I’ll feed your greatest desire,

Let my plight be your guide,

Set you free, set on fire.


Oh my little, tiny voice,

What kept you so long in there,

In spite of challenges on the way,

You know how, you know where.


Tiny, tiny voice,

Guiding light of change you bring,

Rescue me from a deep sea,

Let me pull on your strings.


Oh my lonely, hidden voice,

I know you’re stuck, raring to go,

Strong and poignant you can be,

You feel unique and rare so.


Speak loud and clear, oh my voice,

Your word is out to be heard,

You are free, there’s your choice,

Spread your truth, spread your word.


Sound of hope will you bring,

Sound of future that is bright,

Clear the cobwebs of the past,

Clear the fog, bring the light.


Let me cross to your side, let me come over there,

Be my beacon in the night,

Take me with you anywhere.


Let me bridge the gap of years,

Silence and fear rid for good,

Little voice, voice of love,

Honor you as I should,

You are free,

Free for good.

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Read 10 comments and reply

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