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June 19, 2020

Live Online Yoga Classes – Are They For You?

Covid-19 has forced us all to stay indoors, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your Yoga Practice, or even with your social connection to other Yogis. In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to expand our yoga connections outside of immediate physical location. Take a look at these compelling reasons to get involved with a live online yoga class.

Save time and money

Traditional yoga classes in a studio setting can cost a monthly premium. Not to mention the commuting costs, parking, and rentals – it all adds up and takes a significant portion of your paycheck. With live online yoga, you are eliminating all but the essentials from that list. Also, the price of an online yoga class is often much more affordable compared to the monthly premium in a studio yoga.

Freedom and flexibility

Another perk of online yoga classes is the flexibility of when and where you want to practice the yoga sessions. Have a busy schedule? Dedicate some time in the evening when you’ve had time to rest and recharge. You can also pick and choose the length of time you want to do the yoga sessions. If you’re short on time, take short classes. If you have more time to spare, take a lengthier class.

Our energy levels also fluctuate during the day, so having the freedom of choosing when to do the yoga sessions won’t make it feel like a burden, and instead something to look forward to! This flexibility is an inherent benefit of online yoga classes that studio yoga can’t offer.

Judge-free environment

Traditional yoga classes are usually held in a studio setting, involving large groups of people. Though yoga should ideally embrace an eco-friendly environment, it doesn’t mean everyone can feel that way. For those of us who feel insecure being in large crowds, or don’t like the feeling of being watched, then a live online yoga class could be the answer.

Like it or not, humans are social creatures. It is in our nature to compare ourselves with our environment. This bad habit can become a distraction from the actual yoga practice itself. This is not the case with online yoga classes. Since you have the freedom to choose your own space to do the yoga session, this ensures you’re comfortable and in the right state of mind to learn yoga. This also eliminates any external factors and distractions that are apparent in a studio setting – no more comparing or competing with others. The result is a much more intimate and meaningful yoga experience.

In an online yoga session, you will literally have access to a pause button – something you could never imagine having in a public yoga class. Are you struggling to hold a certain pose? Hit that pause button and take some time to practice that pose before moving on. Feeling tired and need a quick break? Pause the video and grab a few minutes to breathe before continuing.

On a closing note, live online yoga classes are a great option for yogis of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or someone more advanced. And as we outlined above, online yoga has its own charms and unique benefits that traditional yoga studios don’t offer.

Now is definitely a great time to pick up yoga, as these online yoga classes have made the instructions more accessible than ever before. It all comes down to the discipline, motivation and commitment that you are willing to put out in pursuit of being a better and healthier version of yourself.

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