June 1, 2020

Sagittarius Full Moon: Quit Wishing on Stars & Take Action for your Own Life. {June 5}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

“The fault…is not in our stars, but in ourselves…” ~ Shakespeare


The Sagittarius full moon on Friday, June 5 is forcing us all to look at our ourselves, our reality, and our belief systems about what is real and what is true.

The astrology sign of Sagittarius is the arrow.

Sagittarius energy teaches us that we can achieve our dreams and desires in the physical world, yet it takes up-leveling our beliefs—so we can believe in ourselves and take action toward our heart’s desire.

It’s associated with the ninth house of astrology, which correlates with philosophy and religion, and is also connected to our unconscious mind and beliefs. The ninth house reveals and teaches us how to search for more meaning in life. 

With the world affairs happening, everyone right now needs to evaluate where they are limiting themselves from creating the life they deeply desire and want. Sagittarius teaches us that only by changing ourselves, shifting our perspective, and following what fulfills us, will we be able to create and manifest the kind of life we dream of.

We follow astrology because it can help us hold new ideas about ourselves, understand what’s in our soul, and find what we came here to learn and do in life. Following the moon cycles and understanding the cosmic energy at play can help us all understand life from a bigger lens and recognize where we need to change in order to evolve at a soul level. 

Everything in life has polarity and there is no good or bad—there only just is.

When we can create an internal state of balance and harmony we can be more present and live less out of fear, and without triggers, reactions, blame, or shame. Failing to understand your universe and why people may show up as they do, or why things happen, may cause conflict and unconscious agitation, and often drama.

For me, astrology has been a tremendous tool to not only invoke more self-awareness, but also to see where my own mental and emotional wounds and limitations are, and how to overcome them in order to feel better and live better. Once you see the divine forces at play, and recognize your soul lessons and karmic patterns, you can hold more intelligence and foster more liberation to get out of your own stuck mind and perspective.

The last lunar new moon cycle was in Gemini, the ruler of the mind. The shadow and polarity of Gemini is the human problem of thinking we know what’s best for us and getting trapped in our mind, and in our version of how reality should be. The last few weeks have focused on our mental and emotional triggers, traumas, and unconscious attachments. When we keep doing the same thing again and again, we can’t get different results. Identifying where we are sabotaging ourselves, and staying in repetitive patterns, can teach us how to create change in our reality.

It is joy, lightheartedness, and love that empowers all and can empower you.

Yet, we all carry heavy, negative energy like negative emotions, judgement, criticizing, blaming, and more, which keep us in the same energetic state. 

Sagittarius energy, with astrology and psychology, teaches us that it requires more than wishing on stars and setting intentions to make your dreams a reality. We can’t rely on a force outside of us or on God to do it all for us.

Changing the external requires shifting our internal mental and emotional state. The unconscious mind will control us until we shift our beliefs and change our energy. We continue in the same addictions—whether they be thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits, and more—until we free ourselves on the internal level and can be more open-minded, with a willingness to change our ways and foster new ideals and beliefs.

This full moon can be a beautiful end to a cycle and new beginning for those who are able to see the magic of the universe and who proactively live life with strong values that are aligned with their soul. 

Yet, because Sagittarius is in the karmic south node, this is also a time when people may struggle and begin to feel deceived about reality. They hold too many hopes and wishes, thinking they can get their way. The ego fights to get their needs met, and the heart surrenders and allows.

The south node is always what we need to move away from to create more internal and external harmony.

With Sagittarius in the south node, it calls us all to quit escaping reality, quit fixating on false ideals in our mind, and stop running from our problems. The solution for change is within the mind, and everyone has the power to change their internal filters, perspectives, and beliefs to first feel fulfilled and happy in themselves, and then to manifest the external reality they want and desire.

Be cautious, because the mind will continue to trick you and reinforce your own belief systems.

For example, if you believe there’s a deadline to find “happily ever after” and want to get married before a certain time, you may settle and attach to a relationship that doesn’t really meet your heart’s desire. Believing that you can attract a better partner with better qualities allows you to take charge of your life by letting go, and knowing you deserve better.

There is a lot of strong Mars energy too, and it rules unconscious anger, revolts, and is the intense warrior spirit, which often brings out our ego’s worst qualities. When we are unwilling to see a new way or accept someone else’s opinions, we can lash out, get mad, and do crazy things. It’s true that anger and hate are powerful forces that can dominate and be too aggressive. 

Look at what’s going on in the world—there are protests happening all over. People are getting angry, sick, and tired of the corruption, political control, and more. Our world is in a great shift and there’s so much polarity and opposition—and the key is to understand your internal filters and reality, and not rebel when things or people show up, contrary to we want.

With emotional intelligence and fostering balance and peace within, we can control our energy and not get defensive. Then, we can look at why life is upsetting us, and how to shift our mentality.

Sagittarius is the dreamer of the zodiac, and through creating happiness, joy, and positive vibes within yourself and releasing negative energy, you can use your magic to attract wonderful things. Since the universe is energy, the more we continue in the same state of mind and well-being, the more the same circumstances will continue to manifest again and again. 

Everything is possible, and we all hold the power to tap into our soul truth, open our heart, live with less hate, and become unified and fulfilled within ourselves.

Until we make the changes individually, our outer world won’t be as wonderful and bright as we may desire, and defenses will shut people out. We all now need to be accountable for our thoughts, our emotions, our own life and security, and how we treat each other. 

The change will only happen when we are able to work through our limited mentality, traumas, triggers, reactions, and more, and quit thinking other people are the problem, and in fact, begin developing love and security within ourselves.

Humanity is in a war right now.

As our external world appears to crumble, we can all continue to live well, be happy, and foster a better relationship with ourselves and continue to enjoy life in new ways. 

Let go of the need to charge through life by force, to think only your way, your viewpoint is best.

Rather, take some time to go inside, connect to your soul, and free your mind from everything that is blocking you from actually following your heart and the deepest calling that allows you to feel fulfilled and happy. Beyond seeking the mate or the job, understand who you are, and what your soul came here to conquer to help you get out of your past karmic bonds, and feel more empowered in your mind and life.

After all, in the words of Roald Dahl, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Those who don’t dare to dream or don’t want to create the life they imagine or become the kind of person they want to attract may continue wishing, hoping, and wanting, yet never manifest their best happily ever after. Mindset and mindfulness is the key to succeed.

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