June 8, 2020

Wake Up, America: Now is the Time to Slay our Ignorance, Anger & Fear.


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The madness has got to stop.

We all, as a collective and broken society, need to take a pause to breathe and realize the wicked ways we’ve all been taught.

The past is gone; we cannot go back. It’s time to let go of the illusion that the world will be the same. Now is the time to birth a new world, and that begins with us all developing new ways to become unified instead of divided.

We all have been pent up in quarantine. During this time, we’ve been forced to go within with little outlet to help our internal emotional rage and other issues that may have surfaced while being isolated. We can’t make excuses for our poor behaviors anymore.

Our mental and emotional reactions will keep us building walls, revolting, and acting out of fear until we choose to look at our pain and deal with it.

Mindfulness is key in times of chaos when we have no control over our external circumstances, and no idea what may happen.

The world is a reflection of ourselves, and the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. Until we all slay the ignorance in our minds about how we and the world need to function, we will operate inept of being able to identify our own darkness.

Rather than thinking positive and trying to manifest our perfect reality, it’s now necessary to override all the ways we’ve abandoned ourselves and sought security in another person, force, or government. We can evolve from a mindset of “me” to a higher state of “we” and live more unified together.

Thus, we all individually need to muster up the strength to deal with our emotional outbreaks, mental reactions, defenses, and all the ways we think someone else is to blame for our problems.

Rather than playing a victim, or thinking it’s someone else’s fault, we need to stop projecting and point our fingers at ourselves. We must evaluate where we are holding ourselves back and allowing our pain, fear, and ego to overrule our hearts.

We all are accountable for the world we’ve developed and designed. History and the generations before us have made choices that have brought us to today and impacted how we all think. Our thoughts and experiences determine our perspective of what is real and right.

Humanity is at war. With so much polarity, we are—each of us—fighting some kind of battle internally and externally. Unless we want to start another war or enjoy dictatorship, we will all need to become open to change—to awaken to the possibility of living in more conscious fashions, with new behaviors and—most of all—with new mentalities.

Balance is necessary for us all to develop more peace and dismantle the aggressive and hostile ways we may try to force our opinions on others in an effort to exert control. Everything begins with ourselves, and we can manage our emotions and be cognizant of our defense mechanisms. We can each work to tame our minds, and shift our beliefs from the past to overcome our “I can’t,” “don’t have enough,” and otherwise codependent mentalities.

The ego is powerful, and without controlling our temptations, it can cause us to attack one another. Many people have lost real human respect for one another.

To create a more robust society will require us all to live with more integrity and foster higher values that don’t evolve around our own selfishness and greed. It will require a focus on living more harmoniously within ourselves and among one another.

We are all connected, and we all thrive by feeling that connection to each other. Perhaps even something bigger than ourselves. Despite our history and our own past narrative, we can work through our abusive and destructive ways to help each other heal and live in more loving and enlightened ways.

The power battle with money and our inability to currently decipher the truth due the overwhelming onset of technology has left us all greatly deceived: we don’t know if our government has our back, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves, we don’t know if Western medicine is always the right cure, and we don’t know how to live happily and peacefully among one another.

Most of all, we don’t have a system that is sustainable to serve the people and promote well-being for all.

The old structures of society must crumble in order to be rebuilt in better ways, and with values that actually align with our Nation’s history per what our forefathers wanted and declared—America’s unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In a world where we all want a happy ending and chase money like hounds, we all can realize how we’ve developed to function in ways that don’t actually support our well-being or grant us the ability to truly live well.

We can either allow the chaos of the world to force us to change our ways and live with higher morals and values, or we can continue to be divided. It’s time to grow up, quit being narcissistic and parasitic assholes, and begin to shift the mentality of America.

Now is the time to consider what other people reflect to you, and to think about future generations while developing more unified ways of relating and communicating.

We are all in this together, yet it’s our individual job to sustain ourselves and be willing to see the ruthless and loveless ways we sabotage ourselves and people.

We will stay ignorant until we strengthen our bonds and own our capability of shifting our lens to see and live better.

Wake up, be woke—whatever label you want to have. But what matters now is that we all consciously evolve into human, loving beings, and help humanity build a better and kinder future.

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