July 9, 2020

11 Tips for Overcoming Depression (& the Toxic Mindsets that are Keeping you There).

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Editor’s note: Depression is not a choice. Where sadness and melancholy are emotions we can snap ourselves out of, depression is not. Some helpful articles on the topic here, here, and here. ~ Naomi 


I believe that depression is a state of mind. 

It is a way of thinking and the way we respond. It’s a situation we create on our own.

It’s like we are on a stage, and we think we can’t come out of the darkness that is so prevalent in our minds. It’s a stage where we don’t believe in ourselves—our abilities and our strengths. 

It’s a time when we lose the hope of achieving our goals and lose the ability to work toward our goals. It’s the stage where we become physically, mentally, socially, and morally unfit. 

It’s a toxic stage. Sometimes it can become so toxic that we can’t even do our daily routines. It’s a stage that leads to sleeplessness. 

When we are depressed, we obsess over the things that do not add any value to our lives. It’s a time when we forget about self-love, self-value, self-confidence. 

Every individual is depressed—some more, some less. It’s all about balancing ourselves during the ups and downs of life.

Depression usually surfaces when a difficulty arises in our lives. We lose balance, lose confidence, and forget our abilities. We push ourselves into a state of mind that is difficult to escape from. We get stuck in our trauma. 

Most people depress themselves on their own. They overthink so much that it becomes difficult for them to even know what’s going on. Their thoughts start torturing them. 

Yes, I think our thinking is what causes depression. When we continuously think about our problems, our responsibilities, and automatically, an unhealthy mindset develops.  

Depression causes behavioral changes: getting angry about small things, not eating properly, and isolating. When we are alone, our mind starts replaying our problems, and we get more depressed. 

Depressed people do not believe in themselves. They always think about the negative without ever realizing the positive. 

Depressed people are dissatisfied with their life—here is how to overcome it:

1. The first thing to do when trying to overcome depression is not to overthink. 

Keep your mind busy with exercising, walking, and reading. When the mind remains busy, it cannot obsess, and it will help in staying positive.

2. A positive mindset is needed to overcome depression. 

Surround yourself with positive people who help you to do positive things. Leave the negative people who bring you down. 

3. Don’t be alone. 

Spend most of your time with friends and family. Don’t try to find the solutions all on your own. Sharing your problems with experts or friends helps to alleviate the burden and stress

4. Keep your mind on events or things that excite you.

Get something exciting in the books! Plan a get-together with friends and think about how it will look. Find joy in planning what to do tomorrow.

5. Create a mindset of happiness. 

Call friends and crack some jokes or watch a funny TV show. This helps relieve stress and enables you to forget your problems. 

6. Stay away from the things that make you sad.

It could be sad songs, sad movies, and sad friends. 

7. Patience is the best weapon. 

Patience will help you develop a positive mindset. Have patience when your mind starts replaying the negative things in your life. Drag yourself, patiently, toward positivity

8. Get out in nature.

Start making a coffee for yourself. Then, sit in a place where you can see natural beauty. Find the sky, the stars, the flowers, and have your coffee there. The beauty of nature will help in making you stress-free.

9. Loose minds think negatively. 

Don’t be let your mind go free without some mindfulness behind it.

10. Love yourself.

Self-love is the best love and the most important. Eat properly, and be kind to yourself. When your mind starts to wander toward your problems, drag yourself out of that place.  

Always keep in mind that nothing is more valuable than you—your health, your well-being. Self-love is caring for yourself, respecting yourself, and trying to live stress-free. 

11. Try and build your confidence. 

Look in the mirror and recognize your intellect and other good qualities. It will help you believe in yourself and forget the problems.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, then who will? 

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