July 19, 2020

How to use your Sex Life for Manifesting Dreams.

We all have sex, right?

Whether it is with ourselves, someone else, or many others, it is part of our experience here as human beings on earth.

What if I told you that you could use your sexual energy to get (manifest) whatever you want out of life? It is called sexual transmutation—the art of using sexual energy to create something else.

Sexual energy is used to create.

It is life force energy; it is all around us, which makes using it to manifest our desires so so powerful. This extremely powerful life force energy is released through orgasm. There are different ways to manifest using sex. One of the ways calls for abstinence for an extended time, and the other doesn’t. You can use whichever way you feel more drawn to.

For now, I’m going to be talking about the way I’m most familiar with—the one where you do not have to abstain from sexual intercourse or masturbation. I have used this many times to manifest, and it has always worked, usually pretty quickly compared to other methods.

Before I go on, if you choose to use this method to manifest, I suggest you do this using masturbation unless you are in a committed, loving, and positive relationship. Because during sex, there is an energy that is transferred between partners. A transfer of negative energy while trying to manifest will make it difficult and will not benefit you. 

Here we go! How to manifest using sexual energy:

1. Identify and Visualize 

Identify what you are manifesting and be clear, specific, and detailed. You can either choose to write this down in a manifesting journal or create a clear visualization in your head. This step is crucial. The more clear and more specific you are, the better.

2. Feel 

Once you know what you are manifesting, it’s time to feel what it’s like to have it. Close your eyes and imagine what it will feel like to have what you are manifesting.

How does it make you feel? 

What will life be like once you have it?

3. Act 

Now, whether you decide to do this alone or with a partner, this step remains the same. While having sex or masturbating, visualize and feel the emotions of what you are manifesting.

If you are doing this with a partner, you might find it hard to visualize something else while you are having sex. So to make this easier, you can incorporate the idea of you having sex into your visualization. 

Example: if you are manifesting a new car, visualize yourself having sex in that new car. 

Now, try to hold off on an orgasm. The more energy you have built up, the more influential the manifesting will be. Make sure you are still visualizing. Once you orgasm, the energy released is sent to your manifestation, making it extremely powerful.

And that’s it—pretty simple, right?

Simple yet extremely powerful. You can make this a ritual. Add in music, candles, incense, and oils—whatever gets you in the moment and in tune with your body.

Happy manifesting!


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