July 17, 2020

If I am the Ocean, then You are the Tide.

If I am the ocean,
Then you are the gravitational
Pull that controls my tides.

If I am earth,
Then you are my inner
Core, made of hot iron,
Keeping me strong.

If I am wanderlust, then you
Are all of the places in which my
Heart yearns to venture, so that I
May learn more of who I am.

If I am fire, then surly you are
The inglenook that cherishes
My blaze.

If I am mayhem, pandemonium, and
Havoc, then you are the storm
Inside of me.

And if I may be lucky enough to be
then you are the Angel who
protects me from the
demons, who wish
to destroy

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Read 2 comments and reply

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