August 9, 2020

Burn Baby Burn—& Let your Fire Rage Beautifully.


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Your blazing fire.

Most people don’t understand it.
They may be afraid of it, scared of it, intrigued by it.
They may be attracted to its wilderness, drawn to its gentleness, stunned by its intensity, intrigued by its charm, comforted by its warmth.

Never doubt the radiance you bring to someone’s life.
To a community.
To this Earth.

You’re luminous—
it’s your nature.
It’s what makes you so magnetic, why so many people are drawn to you.
It’s your gift to the world to ignite fires within—and without.

There are people who are going to want to be selfish and destructive with your flame.

With all their wilyness, they will try to take it and snuff it out.

They will want to steal it and bury it deep in their gardens, covering it in the soot and soil of their envy and fear.

They will seek to dampen your scintillating spirit, smother it with their selfishness and fade it with their insecurities.

Respect your essence.
Be gentle with it.
Open yourself up, make mistakes, and stand up for yourself when something doesn’t feel right.

But never let someone put you out.

Pour the gasoline, strike the match,
and keep on burning brightly

into the night.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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