August 20, 2020

How Healing our Root Chakra can Help us Feel More Stable & Grounded in 2020.

The root chakra is connected to our sense of trust, home, and security.

This year especially, it seems we are all being tested in these areas.

In a broad sense, it can feel as though there isn’t much we can do to guarantee the state of things in the world or the country, and that can feel discomforting—particularly this election year.

In addition to using our resources, voice, and vote, what we can do is make the intentional effort to invest in feeling a greater sense of stability and security within ourselves.

In times of uncertainty, bringing more mind-body practices into our personal care routine can help us shift into a state that feels more balanced and peaceful.

Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra, or Muladhara, represents our sense of safety, security, and groundedness. Feeling safe in the world regardless of our gender, sexual identity, and race are all variations of safety that are processed by the root chakra.

There are specific steps we can take to address issues or misalignment surrounding the root chakra.

Reflections are intended to reveal what may or may not be helping you feel stable and secure. As the body’s security point, some specific root chakra based reflections include:

>>What is my comfort level in my current space?

>>Where in my life do I feel unsafe?

>>Right now, which part of my life feels insecure?

It is a unique time to be raising questions of security, but these reflections assist us in moving forward from feeling stuck or out of alignment within ourselves.

When the root chakra is negatively impacted, we can stay stuck or cling to situations instead of going with the ebb and flow of life’s natural changes. Clinging to what feels safe—even if it’s unhealthy—is an example of an energetic blockage within the root chakra.

In general, reflecting on topics of personal security may help us find a greater sense of stability.

In addition, grounding leaves us feeling present in our bodies and counteracts feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can also convey an instability within the root chakra.

What does the word grounding bring up for you?

For me, it feels low and brings to mind a vision of the earth. This idea is in opposition to being caught up in our heads or affiliated with a physical place that is higher up in the body. When our minds take over, grounding will draw energy and focus back into our body, and it can leave us feeling present in the here and now.

Grounding not only makes us feel more stable, but it can reconnect us with nature. Going into nature at least once a day can help you feel relaxed—counteracting any anxiety pent-up in our bodies.

If you are able to, find a grassy park or sandy beach and walk barefoot. Take in your experience of being in nature. Retaining the vision of nature in your mind can lengthen the benefits of that experience and provide a lasting sense of gratitude.

Upping our mind-body practices, like meditation and yoga, can help us feel more connected, balanced, grounded, and present. This is great for getting energy moving throughout the body as well.

Getting back into a mindset of security brings harmony back to the root chakra.

Practicing affirmation work, leaving a note to yourself, or finding a grounding habit that resonates with you, one that reminds you of the phrase, “you are safe and secure being you,” is helpful for freeing stuck energy in the root chakra.

Strengthening our root chakra can bring us out of mental thought loops and help us better manage stressors; grounding and focusing on themes of personal stability and safety can be valuable tools for offering your body and mind more tender loving care.


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