August 22, 2020

3 Words that will Absolutely Change your Life (for the Better).


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It’s time to remember this simple fact: you are light. 

You came from God, the father of lights. The energy that flows through you is the universal cosmic force—the electrical charge of God himself. It is the only thing that gives life; there is no life apart from that source.

It’s time to remember who you are, who you will always be, who you are for eternity, and who you have always been. Your existence as an eternal soul will never end, no matter what form you take; you are light!

No matter where you travel, no matter how you choose to travel, no matter what the purpose of your journey, it doesn’t change who you are. It doesn’t change the essence and majesty of who you are. You are always uniquely you. 

You are one with energy; you are one with Source; you are one with God. And you came here at this time for a distinct purpose.

Who you are can’t be changed. No matter what you do in physical form, it will never change who you are at your core. Yes, you will grow and evolve, but you will always be uniquely you.

Whether your actions are good or bad, they are all part of the plan. You came here to learn, experience, explore, and advance your knowledge and understanding of what it’s like to exist in matter.

Apart from this three-dimensional realm, there is no physical matter. 

There is no time; there is only now; this is only a journey—an experiment. You are in physical form to experience all that exists in this three-dimensional world, but that form does not change who you are.

Once you leave the physical form, once you leave this dance with the three-dimensional realm, you return to the nonphysical—the fullness of who you are. You will no longer be encumbered by the physical, or by time, or the amnesia that came upon you once you entered into this realm.

Know thy self. It’s been said for eons! 

Know thy self. 

The world and society do all they can to have you know them and not yourself. They want you to conform to how they deem society and lives should be seen and lived, which is why you are here. 

To show a better way to live, a higher way to see, and a more expansive approach to love.

Know thy self, and once you do, anything that comes your way is measured to that knowing—to that truth that resonates within you—because you have connected to your truth and higher self. You will have resonance with the knowledge and wisdom that lies within you.

Can you appreciate all that you have been through to advance and evolve into who you are?

Celebrate every bit of information gleaned. Celebrate every experience in this life, in its density, with peace, knowing it’s not the totality of who you are.

When you get discouraged, remember who you are. When you feel like the world is against you, remember who you are. 

The understanding will come; it lives within you, and it is your power.

Remember, remember, remember, and trust yourself. Your validation in life comes from your own voice.

Get to know yourself—deeply remember.

It’s time to remember.

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Read 17 comments and reply

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