September 19, 2020

10 Libra traits that Make this Star Sign one of a Kind.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


I grew up around astrology.

My mother had more astrology books than I had academic books.

The first question she asked anyone she met would always be about their star sign—and people loved it.

I didn’t know where I stood from all of this until I grew up and started having my own experiences, forming my independent opinions, and having my personal observations.

I learned not to believe most of the things we read about in modern astrology and the ridiculous predictions that some “phony astrologers” make. The ancient science does exist, but it has nothing to do with the image given to astrology by many today.

Therefore, what I will share here is a personal opinion from reflections I had made throughout the years. One thing I have noticed—that might or might not be true—are the characteristics that people born under the “same star” might share.

As a Libra, born on the fifth of October, I find myself either befriending, attracted to, or sharing my small circle with other fellow Libras—or Geminis and Aquarius that are also air signs.

But since it is Libra season, I will celebrate it by noting some of the characteristics—both the good and the bad—that libras might share.

I hope it brings peace and harmony to all of us regardless under which star we were born:

1. They need peace and harmony.

Libras try to steer clear from anyone or anything that might disturb their peace. They seek harmony at home and at work, which makes them hate confrontations. This can be a good thing in another dimension. That is why they find themselves burned out, saying “yes” too often, and compromising more than they should.

2. They are idealistic and seek justice to the point of frustration.

Most people understand that the world is not fair, and we need to accept that sometimes—but not Libras. They are so idealistic that every little injustice shakes their entire being, and consequently, it frustrates them when they find themselves not able to do anything about it. This is probably the number one reason why Libras get depressed—we want to live in a utopia.

3. They can be both clever and naive.

Nobody understands how the same person who is super intelligent can also be this naive. The thing is, a Libra is quite smart and often works to enhance this quality but is also soft, which makes them vulnerable—even gullible at times. Just like the scales that have the heart on one pan and the mind on the other, it takes time to have equal sides and achieve balance.

4. They are hopeless romantics.

One of the major soft spots in a Libra is being hopelessly romantic. Once in love, they are blinded more than all other signs combined. Passionate, expressive, and often showering their partners with big gestures, they often end up freaking out the people who are used to mundane rapports.

Once heartbroken, it takes them forever to get out of the shell, trust again, and be in a relationship—even then, a Libra might hide that fire and mimic what other people do.

5. They revere beauty, art, imagination, and creativity like no other.

Whether it is a painting, words, nature, sculpture, or even a being, Libras see beauty in everything. They feel and need art in a way that it becomes part of everything they do. Even cooking and cleaning become an artistic endeavor to them.

6. They have a sense of style that can make them seem vain.

A Libra might dress like a hobo but still makes sure they look stylish. Fashion is often a statement to us. If not careful, we can become vain more easily than others. We tend to spend enormous amount of money on clothes, accessories, and shoes.

7. They are indecisive to extremes.

The number one reason that Libras sometimes fail is that it takes them forever to make a decision. They weigh the pros and cons so many times that whenever they do, they end up making a decision that lasts forever.

8. They have many acquaintances but are selective when it comes to friends and partners.

Because they are friendly, good conversationalists, people-pleasers, and they make sure everyone is comfortable around them, folks are easily attracted to them. Later on, unfortunately, when people know how difficult they can be, Libras end up with a few close friends. They are not only selective but also extremely self-sufficient.

9. They might be labeled lazy when, in fact, they like leisure.

Libras are not lazy in the sense that we know. They would work 24/7 for something they are passionate about, and they are capable of moving mountains when they believe in a cause. However, these warriors take breaks from the battlefield more often than others. It’s just that their delicate nature demands leisure time and self-care.

10. They self-pity—which can quickly turn into becoming drama queens.

It is not easy to admit it, but we are drama queens. We do not create drama for others; however, when it comes to our self-image, we do wallow in self-pity quite often. This is because the world is far from being the utopia we have longed for.

It is okay, fellow Libras, because “People who matter don’t mind.”

Bonus: Famous Libras include John Lennon, Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Monica Bellucci, Brigitte Bardot, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, Eminem, Nietzsche, Caravaggio, Arthur Miller, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Gwen Stefani, Will Smith, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.



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