September 5, 2020

“You are a Warrior”—& other Words our Inner Child Needs to Hear.


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Stay young, stay wild, my child.

Seek the freedom that you desire
deep in your heart.⠀

There are so many worlds⠀
for you to see and discover.⠀

Never stop learning, my child,⠀
and never stop rebelling.⠀
You were born to create change,⠀
not merely to keep things the way they are.⠀
Listen to your heart, inner child,⠀
it will guide you during times of despair.⠀
You are a little warrior
who will face many challenges.⠀

You will learn to overcome each obstacle⠀
with honor and bravery.⠀
When you grow older,⠀
do not lose your optimism, creativity,⠀
and childlike nature.⠀
You don’t have to grow up at all.⠀
All you have to do is grow.⠀
Grow into the woman⠀
you are meant to be.⠀

you are beautiful, wild, and free.⠀

Never forget that
there will come a day
when the little girl
and the wise woman
will meet again
and move forward as one.⠀
Be brave, my child,⠀
I am looking forward to⠀
who you will become.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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