September 5, 2020

An Open Letter to President Trump from a Veteran.

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For detailed context (with sources), read here: Those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country are “Suckers” and “Losers.” ~ President Trump


I heard the unfounded comments recently made about veterans being “suckers and losers.”

All I can tell you at this moment is that you’re quite lucky. You are so lucky you never had to experience what it’s like to serve during wartime. You are so lucky that you grew up so privileged to have everything handed to you in your life.

Oh, I heard about how you got out of serving our country. If you want to think I’m a loser for volunteering to go to war for your freedom to say these things about me, then go for it.

I’m sorry that you feel so inadequate inside yourself that you have to stoop to such levels as to say such negative things toward the same people who go to bat for you day in day out. I’m sorry that you feel so “above it” and can’t get enough of the seemingly unending high from bumping elbows with another leader who wishes to put a bounty on American soldiers’ heads. I’ll bet these things must make you feel so big.

I think I can speak for a lot of Americans when I say that we are all kind of sick of your silly antics and “fake news” claims. At some point, it would have been nice to see you actually take some responsibility for the sh*t you’ve pulled over the years. Unfortunately, though, when someone has such deeply embedded and unhealed trauma pulsating through their veins, it only presents as narcissism, and I think we can all agree that a narcissist will never own up to being a narcissist.

It seems like you have always had people sticking up for your shortcomings and the crap you have done throughout your life. Well, I refuse to be one of those people.

As a woman, I am supremely disgusted with what you have said and done to other women; as a veteran, it is evident that you know little about human decency and compassion. This is all without mentioning the other horrendous acts and comments made toward other groups of people during your unending reign of terror over America.

I want you to know that I’m sorry you were not loved properly as a child. You deserved to be loved better; you deserved to be loved well. I’m sorry that you feel so bad about yourself that you feel the need to constantly bring other people down. I’m sorry that you are so disconnected from the truth that your human world is built on a shaky foundation of lies.

I have known people like you—people who gaslight and try to make us think that what we heard wasn’t what we heard or that we took what was said out of context. I know those people intimately. In fact, two of them support the work you’re doing—that’s not something I’d be too proud of. I may not be a therapist, but I am an expert when it comes to narcissistic abuse. I know when I’m being lied to and I know there is no such thing as “fake news.”

There are, however, fake people. There are people who have no clue who they are and it leaks out into every crevice of their lives and poisons everyone on their path because they cannot see the destruction of their choices. I feel sad that this is what America sees you doing and that there are still some people who will cover for you.

Well, President Trump, I will not cover for you.

I refuse to look past any more of these thoughtless actions and hurtful comments. I know and love way too many people who are serving this country right now as I sit and type this letter. People who I’ve laughed with, run for cover with, cried with, shared experiences that you will never understand, and people who became like family to me.

You may have all the money in the world, but if you ask me, your money is the exact thing that makes you poor. Somewhere along the lines of building your empire, you seem to have lost touch with what actually makes someone prosperous. From a metaphysical standpoint, Mr. President, you seem to lack prosperity of spiritual truth and loving relationships.

I want you to know that I don’t hate you; in fact, I send that little boy inside of you the love you are so desperately seeking in every external circumstance and sh*t show you seem to have no problems creating. Being morally corrupt is not something you were born with; it is something that was created by feeding the darkness that exists within you.

I’d rather feed your light as opposed to feeding your darkness as that would make me no better than you, right?

So, who’s really the loser here, Mr. Trump?

All my love,

Some sucker who would have died for you



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