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September 29, 2020

Aw mind cure leads us to love and celebration

I am trying to get the party started and spread the good vibes where love and celebration take care of everything. What is real in this existence? Ask what is and your hands will lift up in awe of existence and then your attention will go to your heart which is love and the sound ah and you can say ah ha in enlightenment because existence is love and humor and the cure aw for the mind in the heart keeps us going that way. Life is celebration because we are all here to love. So from asking what is we arrive at the reality that aw is the truth and the cure and should be the religion and that leads us to our hearts and love which leads us to celebration. Let’s dance.                                          Other cures are I exist, I am that, I am me, I am alive, I am here, this, it, what is, existence, be yourself, yup and real.

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