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September 10, 2020

Dear employer,

It’s getting late and I am tired…

Tired of endless deadlines,

Tired of you invading my life, my mind, even my dreams,

Tired of the same old story

That’s getting far too old and outdated.

When you hired me, did you expect a slave?

A complete subordinate that won’t ever argue,

Always submissive, always on call, at your service?

You’ve expected me to give up my life,

My passions, my time, all in your favour.

I was supposed to be a loyal servant, an Igor to you, Master,

No questions, no complaints.

But you got me wrong,

Unfortunately for you and maybe for me too.

Things were never going to work out between us.

We are far too different,

I value my free time,

You don’t.

I want to disconnect from the malicious world of deceiving media lies,

You don’t.

I want to treasure and enjoy a private life,

You don’t.

I want to switch off my phone and connect with real people,

You don’t.

I want to create and live a stress free life,

But you don’t.

That’s why you could never understand me, even if you tried.

Therefore, I’m not asking you to.

All I ask from you though, is to reconsider,

Reconsider you standards, your ethics,

Reconsider the way you treat your employees,

Before barking directives, reconsider the way you do it.

Because one day, sooner or later,

It’ s all gonna come back, crushing your already weakened empire.

What you put out into the world, will always make its way back,

So reconsider carefully everything you do or say.

Yours truly,

Former employee.



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