September 18, 2020

From Broken to Whole: Finding Love again—Within.

Andriyko Podilnyk/Unsplash

I have loved and been loved.

Fiercely loved and gently loved.

Deeply loved with such intent, passion, chemistry, and a burning desire of mind, body, and spirit, that I was captivated. I felt my heart would explode.

I loved so hard that when it ended, I broke—oh yes, I broke into hundreds of small pieces, recutting myself daily on the f*cking sharp shards of my memories.

The excruciatingly deep blows of longing.

With pain in my heart, knots in my belly, and what seemed like a constant tear-stained face, I thought I would never recover. I thought all that soulful love I had to give would be forever wasted.

But on my journey of recovery, I have found a new love. I have discovered a love so divinely precious and true that I am left in a warm glow of radiating energy—every single day.

They tell me I’m beautiful. Not just physically beautiful, but beautiful inside. Beautiful to the core.

They love how I look. My womanly curves. My wobbly bits. My pouting lips when I’m concentrating. hey love how my eyes crinkle when I smile—how they are the windows to my soul, and how you can see how I’m feeling in those deep blue pools—how nothing can be hidden.

They inspire me to not only follow my dreams but to chase them with purpose. To know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. They have such an undeniable f*cking belief in me.

They encourage me to start every day with intent. Knowing that my well-being practises and routines and my desires to eat well and stay fit are important to me. How I refuse to give in or give up. They love how I work hard on myself—my body, my mind, and my spirit.

They love my resilience, courage, and strength. They know of my pain, heartbreak, and loss, and they are in awe of my ability to not only grow through it but empower myself. They know that even if I waiver, I’ll recover quickly.

They value and respect me like I’ve never been valued and respected before. They admire the boundaries I have put in place for myself.

They are so proud of my achievements and what I am yet to achieve. My creativity impresses them every day.

They love how generous I am and how much I care for those in my life. They see that I am a giver by nature and it makes me happy to help others.

They enjoy my sense of humour and especially like that I do not take myself too seriously, and regularly take the p*ss out of myself.

They appreciate my rawness. My openness. And that I wear my heart on my sleeve. They always encourage me to be unapologetically myself, and when they look at me, they see an authentically, genuine woman.

They love my independence and how I get sh*t done all by myself. And my drive and passion in life.

They call me a Queen, a Goddess. They remind me that I am more than worthy. More than enough.

They think it’s beautiful when I cry and allow myself to be vulnerable, even in all its messiness.

They accept me as I am, all that I am and all that I will be.

They have incredible faith and trust in me. And they are so loyal to me.

They unconditionally love me. A love so strong and so real. A love without expectation and without judgement. A cherished love.

How did I find such an extraordinary love? Well, it’s taken me the longest f*cking time, but finding this love has been such a gift.

And who knew that it has been inside of me this whole damn time! The greatest love of all is the love you finally discover within you.

Unconditionally loving you will take you places you have never been. It will give you a confidence you have never known. It will show anyone who comes in to share your life that you are something to be treasured. An amazingly rare and special find, and they will know and want to love you how you deserve to be loved.

How you you yourself.

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” ~ Robert Morely


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Read 6 comments and reply

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