September 7, 2020

Ode to Equity. {Poem}

I wrote this in honor of the definition of equity that portrays fairness and justice when reflecting upon how absent it often seems to be within our society.

So many deeply impactful issues—such as Me Too, Black Lives Matter, and even the issue of bullying others for wearing masks during a pandemic, that has now become an everyday occurrence—where equity could play a transformative and healing role.

But where is it? It seems to oftentimes be camouflaged, sidelined, underestimated, and undervalued. It’s not a new concept; it has generations, miles, and many victories under its belt, with the scars of experience mapping its path. It’s just waiting to be dusted off, for a fire to be lit, to be utilised.

When I saw this immobile train car, blanketed in rust, emblazoned with a vintage-like design, showcasing the beauty of the word, it felt like a flag being waved in the middle of a war zone, a reminder, and a beacon of hope and light. My goal in sharing these thoughts is to inspire and ignite the motivational force that lies within us all, as each of us has a responsibility to stand up against the inequities in society and in life.

Each one of us can make a difference. Individually and united. Change begins internally and then spreads like wildfire.

Equity sits rusted and abandoned on the railroad tracks at dusk.

Strength intact, although currently camouflaged by humanity.
Desolate in the wake.
Lost in translation.

Sitting on the edges of town.
In limbo in the dark places, leaning toward the light.

Ever present on the frontlines of regimes and renegades, rising and falling.
Tattooed with scars sustaining the stories of our ancestors.
Yearning for evolution.
Anticipating awakening.


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