October 1, 2020

How we can use the Full Moon Energies of October to Manifest our Best Life. {October 1 & 2}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

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October is set to be a big month—energetically speaking.

We have our first full moon on October 1st in the sign of Aries followed by a second full moon on October 31st in the sign of Taurus, making this a Blue Moon month.

One of my favorite things about the full moon on October 31st is that Halloween is known to be a date when the veil thins between the spirit world and the human world, but it is also suggested that a blue moon carries the same energy of thinning the veil. I get the sense there will be a lot of spell casting happening on Halloween night!

This month I decided to change things up a bit with the energy report and include information on both of the full moons as well as how we can let go of certain aspects of our character in order to start manifesting our best life. So here we go.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a fire sign at that. To me, it represents the initial spark of the astrology wheel and the energy of this sign is all about getting sh*t done. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars (the God of War), which will be in retrograde until November 14th. Couple that with the sun shining bright in the sign of Libra who is ruled by Venus (the planet of love), which enters Virgo on October 2nd.

So what does all this mean really? Well, a few things. The sun shining on the darkness of the moon is like the shadow side of Aries coming out to play. So during this time, we could be faced with some emotional outbursts and quick tempers. Additionally, it is said that Mars rules the masculine energy (we all carry masculine and feminine energy) while Venus rules the feminine energy. Libra energy is all about others while Aries energy is more about the self.

The first part of October is all about choosing your battles—knowing when standing up for yourself feels like setting boundaries versus pointless arguing and making sure to take excellent care of yourself. The expression “you can’t pour from an empty cup” springs to mind during this time, especially with Venus is headed into Virgo (ruler of the 6th house of health and service).

The time between this full moon and the full moon at the end of the month might offer you some insight as to how much you are really investing in your relationship with yourself. Though it is a wonderful thing to give to others—we must remember that the relationship we have with ourselves is the only relationship promised to us for the rest of our lives.

We can let the fiery energy of Aries burn away those aspects of ourselves that hold us back from going after what we want and ask where we are continuing to fight for our limitations. Additionally, we are given an opportunity to let the energy of Libra guide us toward a heart-centered approach toward letting go of the limiting stories we tell ourselves that are no longer serving, and once we are honoring our own needs, we can then find the balance between giving and over-giving to others.

If we take these active steps in our lives during the weeks leading up to and for a few weeks following the full moon, we could experience more business success, good fortune, and love—in particular from October 16th through the 19th. Of course, how these energies play out in your life is dependent on you—your willingness to release and your willingness to receive.

I firmly believe that the essence of all of us is creative, passionate, and loving, so this could be a great time to remember this truth of your being as we head into the end of the month with the full moon in Taurus.

The Taurus full moon might feel much slower moving and grounded than that of the Aries/Libra moon. Taurus is an Earth sign while the sun in Scorpio is a water sign. This full moon has the potential to emphasize what we truly value in life, and encourages all of us to go within in order to find it.

One of the shadow aspects of Taurus can be that they can become willing to sacrifice their own value if it means they value something outside of themselves more. Couple that with Venus still in the sign of Virgoa more selfless sign, it is even more important to focus on our own value, which is limitless.

Additionally, we have the sun in Scorpioa sign that is not afraid of the dark; it seems we are being encouraged to turn inward and face the parts of us that believe we are inferior to others, or continued thought patterns we carry that suggest we hold no value in this world.

This full moon offers all of us the gift of looking at the things we value about ourselves in order to release the weight of our human need to repeat the past and open up to a lighter and brighter future full of promise and hope. The shadow work isn’t easy, but I promise it’s worth it. Also, because both Scorpio and Taurus are sensual signs, feel free to make your shadow work a more sensual experience—take yourself on a date, indulge your senses, and treat yourself as you would a lover.

It has been said that if it is love we want, we must be the energy of love. If you are looking to manifest your perfect partnership or career, now is an opportunity to get clear about what you value about yourself and start releasing those aspects that cause you to weaken your boundaries because you value someone or something outside of you more than you value yourself. Let Scorpio take you deep into your shadow in the slow and methodical fashion of Taurus, and do yourself a favor by remembering how fantastic, loveable, worthy, and incredible you are inside and out.

Happy October and Happy Full Moon Blessings.



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