How to Manifest Self-Love—Even if you feel a bit Crummy Today.


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Most women have heard the phrase “self-love” being thrown around on Instagram, in blogs, and in the pages of glossy magazines.

If this term is new to you, self-love is the idea that our entire lives are shaped around how we feel about ourselves.

If we want to love our lives, we have to start by loving ourselves.

But did you know you can actually manifest self-love?

I studied, lived, breathed, and preached self-love, acceptance, and worthiness—trying to intentionally creating my future. I was inspired by books like the The Secret, but always ended up frustrated because it seemed to work in some cases, but not others.

My manifesting was spotty at best, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

Until I looked below the surface.

Today my vision board is full of incredible things that I’ve been able to manifest, like living in a gorgeous house in Bali, getting signed to a top modelling agency in New York, and completely booking out my in-person retreats in Ibiza and Bali.

How did I go from missing out on my desires to becoming a (self-proclaimed) master manifestor?

It’s simple.

I focused on my level of self-love.

If we want to manifest the things we want, we have to become a vibrational match for them first. What does that mean?

Take one of my clients, for example. She wanted to manifest funding for her new, epic business, but despite putting her full attention on her vision, no money was turning up in her reality.

When she explained to me how defeated she felt, it became crystal clear what the problem was. The more she focused on the pain of not having what she desired, the further away her desire got.

Imagine you’re at a party, and an acquaintance strikes up a conversation with you. “I feel so desperate and ashamed,” she tells you. “Nothing in my life is working out the way I want it to, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” On and on she complains over her cocktail.

You might have compassion for her, but you’d probably also want to climb out of the nearest exit.

Nobody wants to be around that kind of energy.

And neither does the universe.

Instead, I directed her to think of the place she feels happiest, just to see how the energy might shift in her. Instantly, she lit up. Suddenly, she was vibrating on the same level of the thing she desired. She could feel in her body what it felt like to have the money flow in, and she began to breathe a lot easier.

If you want to become a magnet for your manifestations, you need to start living as if you already have them.

That’s how you become a vibrational match for what you want to receive.

People with high self-love are great manifestors.

But how do we get great self-love in the first place?

You guessed it: we manifest it!

Follow these two simple steps, and you’ll be off to the races:

First, ask yourself, “How do I currently feel?”

You may have been feeling pretty crummy without even realising it. And spoiler alert: when you feel crummy, you manifest more crummy things.

Next, ask yourself how you want to feel instead.

This is where the manifesting magic happens.

Once we can identify how we would like to feel, then it’s a case of jumping into that reality. We can try it on like a new dress.

Then observe how the outside world shifts in response to the shift in your inner world.

Happy manifesting!

author: Gina Swire

Image: ivanovgood / Pixabay

Image: Elephant Journal on Instagram

Editor: Julie Balsiger


The Elephant Ecosystem

Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Learn more.

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Gina Swire

Gina Swire is a self-love expert, mentor, and manifesting queen on a global mission to help a billion women fall madly in love with themselves. After struggling with her own self-worth and image issues, Gina quit her career as a plus-size model at the height of her fame in order to embark on her own journey of transformation.

Today she travels the world leading live workshops, hosting retreats, coaching private clients, and speaking on stages from Burning Man to Bali, as she inspires women everywhere to love themselves, love their lives, and use it all to do good for the planet.

Her work has been featured in Vogue Magazine, Elephant Journal, Yoga Guide Magazine and Psychologies magazine. You can learn more about Gina at her Instagram page and become a part of this self love movement at her website.

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nina Jan 25, 2019 4:45pm

I used to hear all the time if you don’t love yourself then how do you expect anyone to love you, this sounds like the same thing you’re saying… if you’re not a good home for the future you want to achieve then why would the universe drop it for you to come and stay. That party analogy really made sense to me! Thanks Gina x

    Gina Swire Feb 2, 2019 12:40pm

    Yes it’s the same thing! So simple really. Not always easy though hehe. Thank you for reading Nina xxx

Amy Taylor Jan 24, 2019 7:13pm

I love this.. I feel like slowly through deepening our relationship with ourselves, we get to deepen our relationships with the ones we love, and our lives. There are so many hidden benefits! Thanks so much for the inspiration x

    Gina Swire Feb 2, 2019 12:38pm

    So many hidden benefits, you are so right! Thank you for reading xxxxxx

kimmellor.arbonne Jan 24, 2019 9:43am

Thank you gona for your knowledge and wisdom, every woman needs to hear this x x

    Gina Swire Jan 24, 2019 10:26am

    Lets shout from the rooftops Kim!!!

    Gina x

jined.lamata Jan 24, 2019 7:57am

Love this, thank you so much for sharing <3

    Gina Swire Jan 24, 2019 10:27am

    Well thank you for reading it and being here. Have a fantastic day x

skblogposts Jan 23, 2019 9:27am

I also think self love is a process and we are so used to immediate gratification in this fast world we forget to love the process and the time it takes to be in that inquiry.

    Gina Swire Jan 23, 2019 10:13am

    Oh yes the process!!! I say to my clients…. enjoy these struggles, they are shaping you into the most wonderful wise woman!

    Thank you for reminding us all xxx

Melissa Turi Jan 23, 2019 7:51am

Thank you for this, I’m always working on changing all thoughts to the highest vibration. Xox ♥️. I believe I have a generational propensity to be negative, that ancestral line ends here.

    Gina Swire Jan 23, 2019 10:14am

    Your words are powerful and inspiring! How marvellous. I feel exactly the same xxx

Jess.bella.06 Jan 22, 2019 1:08am

Thank you so much for this article …
You share my belief for sure
Self love and care is paramount xxx

    Gina Swire Jan 22, 2019 3:39am

    Unity! Thank you for reaching out Jess. Have a wonderful day xx

nikki_bott Jan 21, 2019 2:39pm

I couldn’t agree more. Theeimes when I feel out of alignment and I’m not able to manifest are definitely those when I’ve not been practicing good self care and therefore self love. Xx

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 2:43pm

    Yes, when we have that enhanced connection with ourselves, others and nature we tend to feel magnetic! YEY Thank you for reading Nikki x

laurenfraserwellebing Jan 21, 2019 11:29am

Incredible article! I’ve read it a few times! I love it. I used to try and list all the things I needed to do to cultivate self love. But this is actually about believing you are already there and coming alive with how energising and right that feels. Cultivating from belief rather than following a tool kit. And I love this! There is something so magical about self belief and how that cultivates self love. Thank you xx

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 2:24pm

    ‘There is something so magical about self belief and how that cultivates self love’ I absolutely love this! Thank you for reading xxxx

osha Jan 21, 2019 10:42am

What a great article! Thank you for sharing! <3 and yes, we can only manifest what we feel worthy of!

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 10:55am

    We sure can! Plus when we feel worthy we’ve already won the lottery hehe
    Thank you for reading. Gina x

designerbohemian Jan 21, 2019 9:21am

I love the way the author has condensed the magic into a simple formula that we can “try on”. Absolutely brilliant!
With so much convoluted information out there, this article is a breath of fresh perspective.

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 9:34am

    Your words are beautiful. Thank you very much. It was my intention with this article to show how simple it all can be in a very complicated world!


Kristy Conway Jan 21, 2019 7:35am

I needed to hear this today. Thank you

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 8:46am

    Ahhhh Kirsty, then I wrote this for you. Sending vibes xxxxxx

givemelove Jan 21, 2019 6:18am

Wonderful and upbeat reminder of ‘you don’t get what you want. You attract what you are.” Lovely

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 8:48am

    You are sooooo right! You’ve just inspired me to REALLY practice what I preach today hehe thank you xxx

lvzink Jan 18, 2019 1:59am

Gina, you’re such an inspiration! I love your story, and this is such a good read. Thank you for reminding us that no matter where we are in our lives today, tomorrow can be better <3

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 8:49am

    Thank you for your kind words. Tomorrow can really be anything we wish. That boggles my head in the best possible way!

noelflava Jan 17, 2019 3:37pm

I think this article is a great read and share as it is so true and sometimes it’s hard to see as we get caught up in the day to day stresses of life and it is actually easier at times to bring yourself down and focus on the negative than it is to actually love
Ourselves and bring yourself up to be the person that you actually care and desire to be. Gina does an amazing job at making this clear letting you realize and activate on their full potential and authentic paths in life. I think this article is beneficial for any person who reads it and even more so I think that anyone who reaches out to Gina for what she has to offer with her coaching can only benefit from in their lives.

    Gina Swire Jan 21, 2019 8:51am

    Oh wow thank you for being the first to comment on this article. I really appreciate you taking the time out to tell us your thoughts here. Just actually loving and tuning into that vibration without thought is sooooo rewarding. You are so right. Thanks again. Gina x