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January 15, 2019

What Bradley Cooper has to Teach You about Your Magic Man: the Divine Masculine.


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Yes, he’s divinely hot.

And yes, his directing and acting are godly.

But when I say Bradley Cooper was the very picture of the divine masculine in a Star Is Born, what I’m referring to is “the scene.”

You know, the one you can’t stop playing over and over in your mind (or watching over and over, in my case.)

Aside from the obvious genius of the film, Lady Gaga’s knock me over voice, Bradley’s tortured hotness, (and even their beautiful love story)—what we actually saw was the beautiful, powerful, and important role the divine masculine plays in making our dreams come true. 

And how magical and effortless it can be, if only we allow it.

But we also saw the way in which we often go astray and miss that moment—right at the point when everything is about to go supernova in our lives.

And that’s why we can’t get enough of this film.

Let me say up front that the character of Jackson Maine is obviously far from divine. He’s a rugged addict, totally unable to handle deep emotion without letting it destroy his life. But Bradley Cooper got something right, from start to almost finish, that blew me away when I saw it. It’s something I discovered two years ago that changed my life almost overnight and I don’t see anyone else teaching or talking about it.

And if something helped you go from broke, bipolar, and suicidal—to a spiritual millionaire in ten months, with no trace of your mental illness sabotaging your life (and with no medication to help), it would probably feel crazy to you to keep it a secret too.

In fact I consider what I discovered to be the missing link in The Secret, in Law of Attraction, and all the ways manifestation is taught.

That missing link is what I call “The Magic Man.”

The divine masculine provider, the energy of the universe—because when we actually understand how to work with this incredibly generous and potent energy, our lives become filled with unimaginable magic and bliss.

And in this era of #MeToo and the spiritual transformation world where it’s all about the feminine, I was moved to see the masculine divine honored and depicted with such touching truth.

So much so, that I ran home and penned a Facebook post and shared it with my groups—and then the comments starting flooding in. Many said they cried. Several others said they had chills. And too many to count asked me to teach them more about this energy that makes up half the equation for manifesting everything in our lives. But which has been left mysteriously out of almost all the teachings on how to work with it.

I’d clearly struck some tender and beautiful nerve, just like the movie had, and that’s when I knew I had to get this out to the wider world.

To get this out to you.

Because my guess is you may be where we find Ally at the beginning of the movie: struggling and hustling, sweating it out on the tiny stage of her “dream life,” after she’d already worked all day in her “real” one.

And I’m here to tell you that you have gifts, and something to say, and a life of unimaginable dreams ready and waiting for you. You just have to know how to notice it when it shows up—in the form of your own magical masculine energy—and what to do when it does.

One thing is certain, this Magic Man shows up at the most unexpected moment, when you’re not looking for it, and falls madly in love with the very things you’ve been trying to hide.

He shows up as that nudge you keep getting to share that gift, that passion, that dream, that truth of yours you think is crazy and impossible—the one that you think will get you laughed out of the room.

That’s exactly what Jack does with Ally. He immediately zeroes in on the two things she’s most deeply ashamed of: her looks and her gift—not just of singing, but of having something important to say.

This is how the divine masculine always shows up in our lives: with gifts of insight into what’s truly valuable about us, though we often (almost always) dismiss it.

That voice is the one inside that keeps pointing us to the shameful parts of our past, our truth, and our desires. An insistent, deep whisper that tells us what we think is shameful is in fact what makes us beautiful and singular, if only we’d just trust it more.

The divine masculine wants to get intimate, up close and personal, with what we most want to hide.

From the minute Jack shows up, he’s asking Ally if he can encroach into her most uncomfortable emotional places.

Her fake eyebrow: “Can I take it off?”

How she covers her naked eye: “I want to see you.”

Her nose: “Can I touch it?”

And she lets him, you see. And by letting him, she lets him in.

Yes, she’s been trying to hustle and struggle all on her own (how many times have we done the same?)

But the masculine is nothing if not lovingly persistent, and he’ll be back to offer us another chance at our magic.

But before we get our heart’s desire, we must first open ourselves to his deeply personal, almost intrusive gaze into our fear, our shadow—and yes, our shame.

That’s because he’s looking for something he knows is there and that we’ve denied for years.

He’s looking for our inner radiance.

For the thing that makes us shine in a singular light and that others, though we cannot possibly imagine why, are longing for us to share.

And he knows it’s buried in the dark.

And in order to reach in and pull it out and hand it back to us, we must first let him in.

And she does. Again and again.

She reveals her unmasked self and offers up her ugliness. In halting song, she opens her heart to him.

And then…

from his place of magic, the masculine calls for all of her.

And this is where we get to “the scene.”

You know the one.

When she’s on the verge of being discovered and Jack is standing at the edge of the stage calling her on with him—after he’s just flown her to his show. He is asking her to sing her song with him in front of thousands of people.

And let’s just press pause for a moment here—because this is meaningful.

Because this is it, the moment when he’s surfaced from plumbing the depths of you, having spent hours with your gifts even when you don’t know it. While you’re sleeping or cleaning dishes or fighting with your dad about how there’s “no such thing as magic”—your masculine, your Divine, Devoted Darling has been diving deep into the essence of you and has prepared the most beautiful gift for you. That gift is you: elevated, celebrated, and supported. And he wants nothing more than to usher you in to the heart of it, which means “come with me, come sing with me.”

And then what does she do?

She pulls back and says, “she can’t” and “that’s crazy” and “absolutely no” and then…what does he do?

It was such one small moment.

But it was also everything.

He leans in close and whispers in her ear,

“All you gotta do is trust me.”

And she does.

She walks out into the void with him, and into the deep. Far from the safety of the shallow waters, from the land of her known life, and the rest is history.

Unimaginable magic.

She is catapulted into her genius in no time. Because the masculine divine is also master of time and doesn’t want you to have to hustle and struggle for years to reach your dreams.

She is ushered like a goddess onto the red carpet of her fullest self-expression.

And she’s held by him emotionally, guided by him every step of the way, supported, celebrated, honored, and loved into her greatest dream.

And the reason I’m writing this is not because she has something rare and precious—but because this is available to you, too.

You don’t have to swoon and pine at the heart-palpitating fantasy of being looked at, adored, and worshiped like that.

You already have a “Bradley Cooper Magic Man.”

That voice you hear hovering, coaxing you out into the spotlight, to do something “crazy” and overwhelming, something utterly new, risky, and yet thrilling.

That is the voice of a man who loves you.

A man who knows what you need, sees the way, and is ready to springboard you into your dreams and hold you at every moment in his arresting, heart-melting, deep-smile-that-crinkles-the-corners-of-his-eyes adoration of your amazingness.

It won’t make sense or feel safe at first.

But it makes perfect sense from where he stands, and it is of course completely safe. Because he has the ultimate inside scoop and VIP access to you?

When you try to do everything with just your feminine energy—as if you’re only one half of the divine equation of magic and manifestation—you need to see what this “Magic Man” sees too. 

Begging for a chance and rejected at every turn in the movie, Ally was told she wasn’t enough, didn’t look the part, needed to follow the rules, change her appearance, and stand in line for her chance at glory.

And so there she is, clearly a goddess, sharing her voice with a smattering of the gathered—and meanwhile slaving, grinding it out, with no visible path to her freedom and fortune.

I can’t tell you how many people I know like this.

How much this used to be me.

And how unnecessary it is.

I used to be a workaholic when I was helping build and run companies in corporate America. I’d drop whatever I was doing for a client call, no matter what time of day, weekend, or during my vacation. I worked nonstop, for years, and while my physical needs were certainly met, my own dreams were dying inside.

And then my great fall: two nervous breakdowns, two bouts of suicidal depression, losing all my money, my marriage, my home, my career, my reputation, and eventually my sanity. To say I was hustling and struggling alone—or that I thought I had to—is an understatement.

And then the Magic Man visited me in my own backroom, at my own mirror, where I’d been staring at myself, and hating everything I saw.

Over a few weeks after my last breakdown and with only 1,400 dollars between the streets and me, I pored over everything I’d learned in the past 15 years: all my studies of manifestation, consciousness, spiritual awakening, and archetypes. I was looking for the missing link.

And that’s when I realized that I, too, had been hanging back for 15 years, right at the edge of my own dream life, saying “no, that’s crazy, I can’t do this.”

And because it was the only avenue left, I did what I’d been terrified of all those years.

I said what I’d always wanted to say, over and over in livestreams and Facebook posts, and with anyone and everyone. I owned my truths, my dreams, my passions, opened up my ugliness, my deepest shame and that is how, over ten months, my masculine divine led me from one magic moment to the next.

$15,000 in my first two weeks. $30,00 by the end of the first month. $80,000 after three months, and a million in less than a year. And I didn’t hustle or struggle one single day. I worked about 20 hours a week, was able to move into a luxury condo and take my daughter on a dream, first-class, five-star vacation to Paris, and the magic keeps growing day after day.

I’ve done almost $2 million in my business in two years, and I still work only 20 hours a week. I’m a forthcoming author, have been invited as a guest on a podcast with over 250 million listeners, am now a serial entrepreneur inventing a product that has created a new market. And believe it or not, I flew to Los Angeles just a few weeks ago to hand-deliver our prototype directly to the publicist of an A-Lister who just happens to be connected to this very film.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being free of my mental illness and a millionaire only a year after the worst moment of my life. Just as Ally couldn’t possibly have imagined the magic waiting for her just beyond that invisible line between her old life and her new one—drawn right there at the edge of her willingness to go with her adoring, devoted, magical masculine.

And you

You have a wildest dream inside you, too. One that our own divine masculine is dying to give you. You’re not meant to hustle and struggle, grinding it out day in and day out, sneaking a moment here and there just to live your dream.

You’re meant to be escorted past every challenge, and straight into the lap of luxury, which is where your Magic Man wants you.

It’s his greatest pleasure to guide you every step of the way and make the impossible and unimaginable come true.

All you gotta do is trust him.

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