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October 12, 2020

The Dark Side [POEM]

Have you seen the dark side of your mind?

The waves crashing after sunset as you walk blindly into the unknow.
You can hear the power of the water and you can smell the salt in the air
The touch of the cool sand below is felt to remind you that you’re still present in this world
You can hear the power of the water and you can smell the salt in the air
The dark side of your mind, like the waves can be filled with crashing and pulling tides.
All of this is unknown and you’re unwilling to allow any light in.
There is beauty and a comfort in this darkness.

With a single light off in the distance, you can see shadows forming and navigate forward.
This light can be someone’s smile or even just the longing of something better.
You are able to feel a piece of hope with each step.
Like every movement forward bringing back a small sense of being.
The tide can sometimes feel as though you’re being pulled back or not moving at all.

Then without warning, the sun begins to rise slowly.
Your eyes adjust to the light just as your mind begins to clear the fog.
You can see where the water seems to disappear into the beautiful and colorful sky.

Your steps are steady and your stride is becoming consistent.
The dark side of your mind is beautiful on its own, but not a place to sit in for too long.
Don’t allow yourself to be pulled back in, further in by that current.
You need to find your light to follow until the sun rises.

Until you can see the light side of your mind.

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