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November 6, 2020

3 Ayurveda Smoothie Recipes For Calm and Perfect Balancing

Ayurveda “health” is all about balancing what’s natural to your body and type (prakruti) that you inherited with your genetics.  I love smoothies and they create a perfect way to balance energy that comes from an anxious Vata, irritated Pitta, or sleepy Kapha body-mind.

  • 1. Breakfast Vata/Pitta Balancing Smoothie –

With fruit, this is good sweet smoothie for all occasions.  It has a beautiful calming light orange color.

Liquids: This smoothie incorporates non-dairy or dairy milk, and fruit juice that’s best to add last, so that you can blend and create the right consistency for your perfect smoothie.  I prefer non-dairy almond milk.  For juices, I prefer orange, apple carrot, or carrot juice.

If I want to add more sweetness, I use pineapple juice.  I don’t add honey because it’s harder to blend and I think you get enough sweetness from the juices that already have sweetness.

If you want to add a little tartness, lemon juice is good for Pitta, and you could try yuzu or an exotic citrus if you want more tartness or to add a unique twist.

Foods: Besides adding banana and peanut butter (all natural works well), I add fruit like wild blueberries or strawberries.  And then add my favorite seeds, such as flaxseed or chia seeds.

Powders: Then I add powders. I use vitamin and mineral based powders to supplement my diet.  You can also add acai (rich antioxidant) powders.  I don’t use powders as substitute for vitamins.  I do both.

I also add Spirulina occasionally.  What is that?

…When you get a whiff of spirulina, it smells like you walked into a fish aquarium store.  It’s a distinct algae smell because that’s basically what it is.  As a child, I had an aquarium full of freshwater fish, so the smell lingers in my memory.

Don’t let me scare you off because the interesting color that the spirulina powder makes blended in your smoothie, makes up for the unappealing scent that you won’t taste when blended (not to mention all the spirulina health benefits). You can be an artist with your smoothie color palate you can create.

The color is unique and different…

It will leave a subtle mermaid tale color, ranging from duck egg blue-green to pea green.  You can get curious thinking, “is it green or blue?”  That’s up to you, the mixologist.  The drink has a varying green-blue shade depending on the rest of your liquids, drink and how much powder you add.

The color and ingredients is calming for both natural Vata and Pitta doshas (and good for pacifying these dosha imbalances).

I live in moderation, mixing up foods, and not getting too much of any one ingredient or food.  Not only does it give variety, but adds diversification.  One minute they’re reporting a food you eat as good, another minute it’s bad.  Coffee, wine, chocolate and even milk all fall victim.  So if you change your ingredients you won’t get caught up with worry thinking you’ve been consuming a food item for years deemed healthy, and then becomes health controversial.  That’s good for the Vata mind!

  • 2. Kapha Balancing Chocolate Smoothie

With coffee, this is a good smoothie when you need a pick me up.   It has a light brown color.

Another smoothie that’s easy to make is a nourishing chocolate smoothie.  You can add peanut butter if you don’t have a nut allergy.

Liquids: I use my favorite coffee that changes, and non-dairy milk, and you could substitute with chocolate beverages if you want to  have a real chocolatey taste.  I also add chocolate almond milk.

I’m not a chocoholic but when I opt for chocolate I like a strong chocolate taste.  I once asked for chocolate syrup to be added to my chai tea latte order at a Starbucks venue, and the following week, they added the customized drink to their menu board.  I also think they make one of the best hot chocolates (great with peppermint that’s good for aches).  But, I digress.  For this smoothie, you add a few additional ingredients and then you’re ready to enjoy…

Food: banana and peanut butter.  This one doesn’t need fruit other than a banana, so I leave that out.

Peanut butter options:

For peanut butter, the all natural kind that you stir up will work well.  PB powders are okay too, but they are usually more expensive and the smoothie tends to taste more chalky than real peanut butter from a jar.  You can even ground up your own peanuts if you want.

Powders: you can add cacao powder which is becoming ever more popular.  Or  you can add your chocolate protein powder.

  • 3. Savory Pitta/Vata Sweet and Beet Smoothie

If you want to try something different, this is a good smoothie.  It has a dark pink or purplish-magenta color if you want to get fancy.

This is not what you would normally think of when concocting up smoothie ideas.  But we live in a new normal world so you may want to give a try.   The beet and strawberry red ingredients make a great combo. Beets are healthy (and help to prevent inflammation).  This is one of my favorite ingredients in a slightly less-sweet or vegetable smoothie.

Liquids: I add beet juice and non-dairy almond, oat, or coconut milk, and that’s it!  You can add a hint of orange juice, lime or lemon to add tartness if you like.

Foods: whole or sliced beets, and strawberries.  I use frozen berries when it’s off season and fresh berries in season.

Powders: I don’t usually add powders but the possibilities are endless.  You could add your strawberry powder to bring out the flavor or your vanilla powder.

Hope you can enjoy making a smoothie that can bring balance to a stressful, overwhelming (or underwhelming week).


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