November 3, 2020

How to Bring Forth Love in Times of Uncertainty.


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We are often faced with challenges or situations that bring forth insight that leave us with the feeling that we may not be safe or with the right energy to support us or our growth.

While this may look like many things to many different people, ultimately, it might feel wrong to be in these current offerings, and this is when we can call upon the energy of love to come forth in times of uncertainty.

Doing this is as simple as a commitment to the self, affirming that we are aware and that what we are currently facing is not feeling right for us to be a part of “in the now.”

And while this might not be easy at first, if we have not yet learned to center in stillness, it will become part of our tool base, to be utilized any time similar feelings are felt in the future. With that said, if we do notice that uncertainty is a pattern, we can also utilize this safe space to do the self-work that can help pinpoint the origins of the uncertainty and center us into the now to undo it.

Here’s how we can feel love in times of uncertainty:

Find a silent space where we can fully focus, free of distraction, and open to the feeling that love is supporting us in the now.

If we need soft music to ease into this space, feel free to put on some soothing instrumental music. I do recommend, for now, music free of lyrics, as lyrics may find their way into our subconscious mind and impact the stillness we are trying to create.

However, music that is sung in tones, rather than words, is also suitable to acclimate into the stillness. We must trust what we feel to be suitable, and just go for it. Music can bring us to deeper realms of healing and to a state of deeper contemplation in the creative space of another’s heartfelt offerings.

In going forth, it is important to envision a safe and comfortable place to center into.

I like to find myself in the memories of the places where I found much love, joy, and nourishment. This is the topic at hand, as utilizing these memories will help bring forth this past feeling of love into the present time experienced.

So while this space we call upon and create can look different to everyone, for me, I like to envision the childhood comforts of my grandparent’s home. There, I would sit in a comfy chair (one of those spinning ones, covered in a beige velour). I recall the dim lighting, the other furnishings, a giant collection of books, and the beautiful bay window from where I loved to watch life go by as a child.

If we can’t fully recreate a comfortable space, try thinking about the loved ones who offered these same feelings of love themselves, and revisit their memories instead. Build your own space.

Nature is also a great place to envision, as it is one of the places where we can find stillness and love energy. Either way, trust that we will be brought into the space we need to be in, and let’s sit in the comfort of this space fully now.

Once we feel safe in our created space, we should ask our heart why we are feeling uncertain, and see what prevails.

We may be offered words, images, or other insight, but, again, while each occurrence depends on the person at hand, trust the insight we find in the stillness and look deeply at what is offered now.

If we feel unsafe after the insight prevails, understand this feeling is what needs to be countered and healed. It may stem from something that is lingering in the depths of our past learnings, which is brought up now to let go of.

Ask for assistance, by whatever forces we believe in (our hearts, the source, God, the universe, angels, energy, and so on), to aid you in clearing it promptly now. Also ask to expunge the emotional attachment that was felt then and that has reached our present days now and to free enough energy to offer the support to heal it immediately.

Once cleared, we will feel the weight lift, and later, we may feel instant changes in our environment, or be brought to the understanding that it is time to move to another one.

Accept what feels right in this moment, and go forth with your heart’s full support. Now, if we feel uncertain about the why, we may still need to clear our heart for new growth to receive better insight.

While sitting in the stillness, ask for all blocks to be dissolved. See a white light clearing our entire physical body and energetic aura that surrounds us now. When we feel the support reaching our energy, we may release (either through a throat clearing, a tear, or perhaps an uncomfortable feeling that we remember to let go of now), and then we can try to pinpoint the uncertainty again.

Lastly, if we felt the uncertainty immediately clear, once we’ve entered the stillness, the lesson here was simply that we needed to be reminded that we can offer ourselves this space of stillness. It will always be there as a means of comfort and, ultimately, serve as a space where we can make changes and heal anything that reaches us in the future.

Offering ourselves this space is one of the most loving gifts we can offer ourselves.

It is only when we reach this place of stillness that we can truly understand the self and bring forth any changes we wish to make in our life. We are our own creator, and we are able to make a life that we enjoy, and in turn, limit uncertainty or any situation that may bring discomfort.

As we go forth, utilize this space whenever we need to ask these heartfelt questions, or visit situations that need clarity. In doing so, life will become more enjoyable, and we will be better acclimated to meet all of life’s transitions with more understanding, ease, and clarity.

Lastly, I always like to remind others to trust their own intuition.

Often, we may find writings that are set in place to either give us the needed information or tools to grow, or simply serve as the reminder that the topic at hand is present. So, if we read this writing and do not feel a strong connection to it, trust that our heart has another way to access the energy of uncertainty and resolve it itself.

Also, trust that we found this writing to serve as the one reminder that the uncertainty needs to depart now.

All we are is energy, and while we are all connected, there are many ways by which to remove the uncertainty of life, and I trust you will take what is needed from my writing today and find the right path that takes you to the same resolution too.

Much love to you, and as always, be cared for.



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