November 19, 2020

Cinnamon, Sweet Potato, Orange-stuffed Mushrooms. {Recipe}

Blooper moved into a new recipe because that is how we roll.

I recently made a meal, snapped a few photos, and sat down to eat, with mindfulness my intention. Realized when just about done that deliciousness, that something was misfiring between my tongue and grey matter.

If you read that recipe, you know what I missed. Yep, one main ingredient and one unusual for me to use in chili, ingredient. I missed the sweet potato and the orange—in a recipe entitled “Sweet Potato-Black Bean-Orange Chili.”

Color me red. No, color me reddish-orange.

However, not to be shaken, nor stirred, I set out to scour through my fridge and cabinets to use this tempting tuber and that sweet orange. Plus, I wanted to dig my ready fingers into the flesh of that orange and smell its sweet juice as I pulled out chunks.

What to make? Ah, stuffed mushroom caps! I had two portabella ‘shrooms, so with eagerness and salivating taste buds, I set myself to the task.

Ingredients and items:

Sweet potato: 1 per two large mushroom caps.

Portabella mushrooms: 2 large per person.

Bell peppers: any color; I went with 1/3 of a green and a yellow.

Hot pepper: any type; I had one hot red chili pepper and used half.

Orange: 1 is all you need.

Vegan butter: totally optional; I used a pat and a half to make the mashed sweet potato.

Spices: cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, coriander.

Parsley: optional—fresh parsley for garnish and postprandial refresher.

Oil: naked for me; the vegan butter used for the sweet potato has coconut oil.

Nondairy milk: optional; to make the mashed sweet potato. I did not use any.

Misc: Pot with lid, large sauté pan, colander, masher, spoon holder, spatula, spoons, fork, towels.


1. Tenderly wash and cut all produce. Remember to recheck that you have all the ingredients you wish to use.

2. Recheck: yes, I have the sweet potato and orange. Now, I can proceed.

3. Place chopped sweet potato, with or without the skin, into the pot and add water. The lid on the pot for now.

4. Turn on the stove light, lower to the halfway stage, and turn on the back burner. Turn on the stove fan, lower it as well. Safety measures—the light reminds me, a burner is on.

5. While the sweet potato is cooking, start to cook the ‘shrooms and peppers and any other veggies you may like. I removed the stem and gills from the portabella caps and placed them inside down first for a few minutes, and added only black pepper for now.

6. Turn the ‘shroom caps over so the open side is up. Add oil, if using, spices (all except the cinnamon) to the empty part of the pan. Add in peppers and any veggies you like.

7. Check the sweet potatoes—when soft and ready to smash, drain into a colander, return them to the hot pot. You can choose to turn off the burner or leave it on. I turned it off, but the potatoes had cooled down when I went to eat. So, I suggest just lowering the heat.

8. Start mashing—add vegan butter, cinnamon, nut milk if using a liquid. I choose Ceylon cinnamon and a little vegan butter.

9. Check on the veggies, add the orange—either juice or all of it scooped. Turn off the burner.

10. Turn off all burners, stove light, and fan. Safety first.

11. Slide those delightful ‘shroomy caps onto a plate of choice—I went with white to show all the beautiful fall colors. Scoop in the smashed sweet potato and veggies. I let it dribble off the sides; perfection is overrated. Well, unless you’re on the operating table.

12. Feel free to garnish with fresh parsley—Italian, or flat.

Find a comfortable place to sit, all distractions of phone, television, laptops, and tablets off. Give gratitude, and dig in mindfully.



Bonus recipe: Spinach Carrot Mint Soup: A Bowlful of Health & Warmth.

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