November 4, 2020

Dear Man, I’m not Sorry we Didn’t work Out.

Dear man,
I’m sorry you are mourning our encounter.
I’m sorry that our brief relationship didn’t work out.
But I knew it from the beginning. This is the reason I have been resisting your advances for so long.
I could feel our connection. I knew there was something, undoubtedly.
But I knew we shouldn’t have gone further…at least, it ended fast.

But dear man, I’m not sorry for everything.
I knew that from the moment I surrendered to you that you took me as a challenge.
I’m sorry you didn’t realise before who I was—or else, we could have avoided this decay.
I’m sorry you didn’t understand me.
I had warned you, because I knew how much we were different.

Dear man, I’m sorry you have been craving this kind of woman—strong, independent, and good with herself. I guess it would have been easier if I wasn’t.
But dear man, understand that I’m not sorry I’m not cooking and washing the dishes because I don’t want to be the one doing it all.
I’m not sorry that I’m the one trying to talk and explain things when you are the one who doesn’t care because you think you’re right.
I’m not sorry if I prefer to meditate and retreat to my room instead of drinking and smoking every evening.

I’m not sorry that I tell you I want to spend the night alone because I need my space.
I’m not sorry if I prefer kind, slow, and smooth lovemaking rather than savage, fast sex.
I’m not sorry that I don’t believe that jealousy is a proof of attachment.
I’m not sorry if I don’t want those childish games you’re playing to see how much I care about you.

I’m not sorry that I know I need someone to inspire me and push me up—not someone to bring me down.
I’m not sorry that I know where I’m going when you seem lost.
And I’m not sorry that I stopped everything when you were trying, in a wrong way, to keep it up.

For all that, I feel sorry for you, but not for me.
You should have listened to me instead of going away.
You should have talked instead of hitting the door with your fist.
You should have been patient and present.

A relationship of any kind must be built on meeting halfway. But you didn’t realise you were doing it alone.

Dear man, I’m not sorry anymore.
I met many other men like you before, and I have dealt with them in many different ways, as I was also different.
But now, it’s different because now, I know.

Dear man, I know what I want, and I warned you.
I’m glad you came into my life to make me realise that. But now, your grief is your own.
You earned it by your own behaviour.

Dear man, I still love you—a pure, beautiful, unconditional love.
I know we had something, and I know there is still a link that’s connecting us together.
But I had to go away.

Dear man, when the person you want tells you “no”—this is not the right time, the right place, or the right soul—please believe them.
Do not let attraction and lust take over the understanding and respect of someone else’s soul.
Because the one who is rejecting you is doing it for a good reason—not just for her but also for you.

Dear man, I’m sorry you’re mourning.
But now, you are free.
And I know you will be better soon.



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