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November 22, 2020

How to change your energy to change your life.

The Universe responds to two types of energies, thought, and feeling. Our vibrational state lays out our life path and manifests itself into our lives. Having positive thoughts will result in positive experiences in your life, yet this will not occur unless we adopt the relevant feelings to match. Our thoughts act as a transmitter to the Universe, sending out the signal that we want to manifest our desires. Our feelings then create a signal which draws that very thing to us.


For us to create the experiences that we want we need to go deep inside ourselves and work from a place of pure desire, healing, passion, and a willingness to unlock our inner potential to attract the people, experiences, and whatever else we want to have. The power is within each of us and there are no limits to what we can achieve when we actively take steps toward creating the life that we want. We are the co-creators of our lives and every experience is a direct result of our energetic state. 


Our intentions become our bond to the Universe, the thoughts that we hold result in the manifestation of it. In every area of our lives we are responsible for its state, be it our finances, our relationships, or our health. What we focus on we will attract, it is the law of the Universe. The energy that our thoughts hold has power and can dictate everything around us. Everything in this Universe is linked, from the physical to the spiritual. If we think positively then we will draw experiences and emotions to us that make us feel good. The key is to choose the goodness in life by adapting our mindset.


Our feelings and emotions assume our vibrational state and can supercharge our manifestations, drawing them to us. You must feel as if you have the thing that you want before you have it. This is the secret ingredient when you are aiming to consciously orchestrate the manner and outcome of your life. Understandably we can face conflicts if our current circumstances do not match with the experience that we want to create, causing us to focus on the lack of it in our lives. 


Stay in the now and take each moment as it comes. Reaching for a positive feeling state and focusing on what we are grateful for in our lives can help us to raise our vibration and unlock our manifestations in the process. If your current reality does not look like the one you want to create ask yourself, what are the highlights of my life? Focus on that energy and shift it to the more positive experiences that you have in your life. Use this opportunity to tap into a stronger and more abundant emotional state. When you count your blessings you will receive more of them. 


It is important to be willing and open. The force of life flows in and out of each of us, sustaining our earthly form and giving way to the birth of new manifestations each and every day. Attracting exactly what we want and changing the direction of our lives requires us to open our heart energy and embrace emotions on the highest end of the feeling spectrum. Choose to feel love, joy, freedom, and gratitude, let your heart become synchronized with this energy and you will spark the creative process.


If thoughts are the electrical charge in the quantum field, then heart-centered emotions act as the magnetic charge. Essentially, by choosing elevated emotions when you are consciously manifesting a future experience, your heart will produce strong magnetic energy that will draw that exact experience into your energetic field allowing it to manifest into your life. When you learn how to open your heart center and tune into the feeling of already having your future experience, you will gradually increase the energetic pull of your heart and draw more abundance into your life.


Your mind and your heart must work in harmony with one another. By synchronizing the energy that you put out to the Universe with that of new possibilities, you will draw a wave of abundance toward you. Focus on what you want and become that energy through your thoughts and feelings. Meditate on it, act as if and believe that your desire is already yours because it is. Having faith in your spiritual abilities and knowing how to shift your mindset and change the energetic field of your aura will create endless opportunities and prosperity. 


The Universe responds to our vibration, we have the power to change it and thus improve our lives or accept our current circumstances. When you allow life to happen to you you release the control that you have over changing your life. It is our birthright to have all the joy and abundance that we dream of, we have been given a gift by Source energy that allows us to manifest and attract all that we desire. If we are aware of this power then we have a duty to embrace it and use it for all of our needs. There is nothing that is out of reach, be inspired, and grasp life with both hands for it is all yours.


To change the nature of our thoughts and feelings in regards to what we want in our lives requires understanding our blockers and resetting the signal that we broadcast out into the Universe. Our belief system can disconnect us from our power and so this is the moment where you need to ask yourself, am I willing to make the changes that I need to shift the direction of my life? Do not stand in the way of your dreams. The feelings and thoughts that you hold can create excitement and magic in your life beyond anything that you have ever experienced.  


When you change your energy, you change your life.

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