November 16, 2020

It takes a Right & a Left Wing to Freedom in Integrity.

Integrity is my legs walking the path with me every moment.

I walk at the pace that teaches me to let go of everything that doesn’t serve the greater good. I ask myself: Do I want to raise consciousness in a positive direction? Do I want to hurt myself or another person? If the answer is not clear, I keep walking. The path will feel like the walking dead until I release the dead weight of the ego. To ask the question is being aware of my intentions and actions. If my legs grow heavy, I know I must take a rest and reach into my heart and soul to see if what I do or say causes harm in any shape or form.

The ego wants to hold onto separation, the victim mentality, chaos, pride, jealousy, coldness, power, denial, resentment, intolerance, war, lies, the past, the future, every outcome, every story, or just about everything, including the soul. The higher self wants to embody humility, love, unity, peace, altruism, gratitude, happiness, kindness, simplicity, care, courage, the present, the moment, being, spiritualism, sympathy, apathy, empathy, togetherness, victory, the now.

I understand the ego has my interests at heart, to survive in this jungle of a world if I fall for the idea that I can’t survive on my own. The world becomes a threat if I adopt that belief that I’m not a survivor. We have overcome in so many ways and through generations. We are stronger than we know.

Are we stuck thinking the ego has command over us? Our human design is far more evolved. We all must walk the path of making each step a purposeful opportunity to change what must change and hold onto what matters most.

If your journey feels rough, it’s a reminder you are a diamond in the rough. You are the brightest soul, just ready to break the layers that hold your shine back from your best life. The road less traveled does not have the softened path, it’s rocky. It’s a terrain that can make a harder experience. Remember, that whatever comes easy doesn’t create the greatest growth. It’s like a short walk or slow progress to growth. If it came easy everyone would know their worth. We are all diamonds in the sky, but if we allow our diamonds to be in the rough forever, we will never shine the way we are meant to. Go polish yourself to be the light that leads the way to a better world.

Whatever is happening in your life or the world, be aware. Hurting yourself or another person just cramps your style and your soul. It creates a roughness of the heart instead of a soft heart and soul. Our world needs more compassion and consideration right now. If we choose the wide path then we will get lost in the crowd. Make a difference in humanity by standing tall, stand alone if you have to. Consider everyone and everything that is at stake. The narrow path may be lonely at times but the joy of your soul never leaves. I am talking about making choices every day that will enhance your soul and the souls of others. This is not a campaign for the right wing or the left. This is about spreading your wings to the freedom you deserve. Freedom to show up on this planet with integrity, because you know it’s right and it will guide you to make choices, so you can shine.

Every path is really leading us home. Home to the heart of who we are and what we will stand for as a human collective. We are the consciousness together, so let’s stand together and be diamonds that shine so bright. The intense, indescribable, and immense pressure for a diamond to gradually take form is like our human spirit. The entire process for a diamond to emerge takes between 1 to 3.3 billion years. We have a lifetime to come correct on the path. Rise to the occasion of trusting the process.

The shift in energy is so intense today, it’s channeling some insightful vibrations and visions into my energy field. I know the spider web of worry is in the air, but don’t let that energy hold you stuck in the web of lower vibrations consciously,  instead go about your path to peace and purpose. Raise your vibration as you step into your whole mind, heart, and soul with the intention of being a diamond who survives the rough.

Spread your right and left wings to fly. It takes a right and a left wing to freedom in integrity.

So much love to all.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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