November 3, 2020

How to Tap into the Social Magic of Voting.

When I cast my vote today, a little thrill went through me. Electric. What is that?

I decided it was connection. I was happy to be there. Happy so many other people were there.

Most weren’t even voting the same way as I. But I just didn’t care.

They all seemed like nice people. Small-town Texas folk. I was born here. I like being social with them and saying howdy in the hallways; the idea that I could participate in the election with these people made me feel good.

Was I mistaken to feel this way? Am I acting like a sheep? Am I a part of a secret deep-state plan by voting? Did I just opt out my soul to corporate America? All these things inevitably run through my head throughout this process. And honestly, I don’t have answers to all of that.

I just don’t see anything wrong with being socially conscious in this way. Even if the feeling of belonging is contrived somehow, I still feel it. I feel I belong on this planet. It’s a good, grounded feeling.

I think I felt this connection with all humanity when I voted. I see it as an avenue of magical intent. It’s not the only avenue to change, but part of a vast, interconnected astral network of creation. Our thoughts create reality. And when we all think about things at the same time, that creation happens fast. When it’s apparent we are doing that, I feel this rush of electrical excitement. As if I were at a concert, or a football game, or in the midst of that last big eclipse a couple of years ago.

I saw our interconnectedness.

That eclipse connected all the American time zones, one by one, through this vast social media celebration. We were all in awe as this great demarcation line swept across our country. It was daylight one minute and eerily dark the next. It was so cool and bizarre. Everyone watched in awe at the same time. Fascinating phenomena connected us. There is a power in that. There is a power in any mass behavior coordinated. I remember thinking time stopped that day, and everyone stopped the weird internet bickering to just gaze at the sun and moon dancing across our skies. There was nothing to argue about. There were no “sides.” Wow.

I think voting accesses this same larger creative magic. It’s unfortunate that so many pull this magic to and fro so much that it becomes watered down and ineffective. But still, this huge magic exists. The magic of many people being excited for something.

We are social creatures at heart. It’s important that we’re all able to express our desires and boundaries on a group stage. We are, all together, creators of this magical world.

I love us. I love this social magic that exists. So I vote.

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Read 9 comments and reply

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