December 2, 2020

6 Reasons to Place an Orgonite Pyramid in your Home. 

My family is big into rocks.

I can’t remember a time our summer days didn’t include trips to the local rock shop out near the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado. Throughout my house, there are chunks of citrine, lapis lazuli towers, and polished pieces of turquoise and selenite hearts sitting on my windowsill where the light comes in.

It was no big shock when we, yet again, discovered another type of rock or healing tool to use in our everyday lives. My parents have been raving about orgonite pyramids for the past several weeks, and big shocker, they got me my own for my birthday this year. It is a beautiful pyramid full of Lapis Lazuli, which is one of my birthstones.

So what is an Orgonite Pyramid exactly?

Orgonite Pyramids are usually a perfect mixture of copper pieces and wire and precious gems all squeezed into a perfect resin pyramid. There are hundreds of different orgonite creations using any type of stone you can think of. It’s really up to you to decide what kind you want.

How do Orgonite Pyramids work?

We live in a world of energy; positive and negative charges are constantly hanging around us. In today’s world, we are surrounded by cell phone towers which—big shocker—create intense negative charges. Not to mention most of us are surrounded by computers, tablets, TVs, cell phones, and tons of other objects that project electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Orgonite Pyramids are comprised of orgone energy. It is etheric energy that embodies all things and lives everywhere. Orgonite pyramids aid in working with that energy. These pyramids can be stimulated by other types of energy, but have the ability to change energy as well.

They work against EMFs to restore the positive charge in our energy field. They are designed to convert low-energy frequencies into high-energy frequencies, which in turn yields amazing benefits to us.

Negative charges that we feel using our daily electronic devices are scientifically proven to lower our vibrations. As a result, our feelings of fear, depression, anger, sadness, stress, and other negative feelings are heightened.n

Orgonite Pyramids have a myriad of other incredible benefits useful for daily life:

1. Remove negative energy.

As I said above, orgonite pyramids are devices that help remove negative charges and energy.

If you placed one in the middle of a negatively charged area, it has the ability to improve your mood in around 30 minutes. While orgonite pyramids were originally created with fiberglass and metal, adding stones to the pyramids has given orgonite pyramids the ability to turn negative energy into more positive energy. It also makes them damn beautiful holistic tools.

2. Aid in meditation.

If you are finding it difficult to focus or quiet your mind long enough for meditation, orgonite pyramids are tools you can use to help stimulate your mind and improve meditation sessions.

When meditating, place one beside you, on your lap, or hold it in your hand.

3. Support restful sleep and promote lucid dreaming.

I know it’s a tough habit to kick, but that cell phone next to your bed disrupts you from a good night’s sleep.

Ideally, you should keep your bedroom free of any unnecessary electromagnetic radiation. Leave your phones and tablets in the other room and don’t watch TV before you go to bed.

If you just can’t do those things, place an orgonite pyramid by your bed to help neutralize the EMF.

Another good side effect of the orgonite pyramid is improved dreaming. If you love having dreams or love to interpret them, get ready for some divinely wild ones. These pyramids aid in improving your lucid dreamscape and I can attest to this.

If you’re a creative who uses dreams as paths to your physical creations, this will be a helpful tool for you.

4. Reduce and relieve stress.

You’re familiar with your glowing friends the salt lamps, right?

Well, those delightful nightlights aid in reducing and relieving stress, and organite pyramids can do the same. Having an orgonite in your living space is proven to relieve stress and anxiety.

When you can’t run your salt lamp in your bedroom all night long, orgonite pyramids are a healthy alternative to ensuring you’re not feeling stress or anxiety in your bedroom area.

5. Balance moods and purify the living area.

My home is a place of zen and I work hard to keep it that way. I want this place to be one of comfort, love, and safety. That’s why I have stones all over the place. If you’re feeling particularly moody these days, try investing in an orgonite pyramid.

Put it in the area of your house where you spend your most time. Use it as a beacon for balancing your mood and restoring the delightful human you are.

My best piece of advice is to buy a pyramid for every place of your house with an electronic device. Set one of these pyramids by your TV, your computer, your stereo, or anywhere else you feel there is an intense negative charge. Having them in all places where there is EMF radiation will purify your space to make it more soothing than ever before.

6. Promote the health of you and your plants.

Orgonite Pyramids are said to promote health or improve it. If you are feeling particularly ill or would like to promote a healthier living situation, it might be the right time to get an orgonite pyramid. Not only will you notice your health improve, but the health and energy levels of your plants will also improve too.

Set a pyramid next to your plants and watch it work the magic.


What kind of pyramid should you get?

There are hundreds of different kinds of orgonite pyramids created by lovely people. They use rose quartz, emerald, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, turquoise, selenite, obsidian, and many more. Make sure you are choosing a pyramid with a healthy balance of metals and stones. Make sure those stones aren’t dyed with color either.

It may be helpful to start with a chakra orgonite pyramid or a pyramid with your birthstone in it. Either one will be beneficial. Crystals have certain types of abilities depending on which one you choose. For example, if you want a stone that promotes more healing, you might want citrine. If you want a stone that brings more protection, choose fluorite or obsidian. If you want one that brings more love, then choose rose quartz.

Of course, you can always just pick the pyramid you are most drawn to. If you feel like it should be yours, then it probably should be.

If you are at all interested in making your own pyramids, that’s an option as well. There are countless tutorials on YouTube to aid you in that creative process.

These days, we need all the help we can get when restoring our mood to something way more pleasant. This may be a good and affordable start for you as you’re on your way toward a more spiritually healthy lifestyle.

Get on with your best selves, my darlings.


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