December 30, 2020

Create Your Dream for the New Year with a Life Review.


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At the close of each year, I like to do a thorough life review.

I remind myself that I didn’t have to be perfect or infallible. Instead, my goal is to learn from my mistakes and successes so I can grow.

I invite you to take stock of your experiences this year, in order to gain clarity and compassion on your journey as an empath. Reflect on and journal about your progress and challenges. What were the emotional high points? Did you honor your sensitivities? Were you able to overcome low self-esteem? Did you set kind but firm boundaries with a colleague? Did you make a new friend? Be grateful for these strides.

You have come so far on your journey of awakening. You don’t have to hide your gifts anymore.

Knowing you are an empath changes everything. Notice how your life has improved from this revelation. Applaud your progress every time you listen to your intuitive voice, express your empathic needs, and practice self-care. Keep expanding ways to nurture and protect your sensitivities. Keep learning how to become more centered and confident as you navigate the world of people.

Our collective light as empaths synergizes each other. We are rebels, outsiders, individualists, the ones who dare to break the mold. Your gentleness and caring can penetrate our callous society. Be a role model for newer empaths and show them the way. Let’s walk the road less traveled together and support each other in bringing love and understanding to our own lives and the world.

Then review your challenges. What losses or heartbreaks did you experience? When did you succumb to fear? When did you ignore your intuition or forget to practice self-care? Did you break a promise and still need to apologize? Everyone makes mistakes, but taking ownership of them helps clear bad karma. It also stops you from repeating these behaviors and minimizes their repercussions if you make amends. Lovingly appraise everything you’ve been through and set positive goals.

As part of the life review, notice what you dream about. I dream of peace and quiet. I dream of adventure and also of staying at home. I love to be alone, and I love to be with you. All of this can come together when I express my true needs. I don’t dream of pretending to be happy when I’m falling apart. Nor do I dream of being in a noisy, frantic world where I can’t hear my intuition. I dream of being comfortable in my own skin, free of worry and strain. I dream of dreaming and coming into my own.

Journal about your fondest dreams. Let yourself imagine what’s possible. Be propelled by love and inspiration. Don’t let anything stop you from envisioning a more fulfilling way to be. Also consider: What don’t you dream about? What do you want to avoid? What habits don’t you want to repeat? Express your heart and all its yearnings. Your future is wide open. New possibilities are about to unfold.

Set your intention.

I will always allow myself to dream. My dreams are real. I will make them come true.


Excerpt from, Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People, by Judith Orloff, MD. Explore more information about her Empath Support Online course and patient appointments on her website.


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