December 23, 2020

The Trouble with J.P. Sears (& why we shouldn’t support Toxic “Influencers”).

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2020 has been a year that has exposed people’s true intentions and character, especially within the New Age community. 

And there is no better example of this than JP Sears, who has lost many followers over the divisive, uninformed, and hateful humor he has displayed all year.

I used to think JP Sears was slightly funny (at best) when he first began.

He found a niche of humor that we hadn’t seen (wellmuch) before.

And while, at first, his videos offered a chance to reflect, be humbled, and laugh at ourselves, we have come to learn that his actual beliefs are…more sinister than we might imagine. JP Sears posts on Instagram, etc., (see a few examples in this article) are now nauseating and eye-roll worthy to anyone outside of the Qanon-New Age crossover tribe.

His videos, which make fun of people for being considerate enough to wear masks, are a slap in the face to the millions of people who’ve lost someone to COVID-19—not to mention the many more who are still suffering from symptoms and long-term lung damage. These people may never fully recover. It’s a blatant lack of respect for the nurses, the doctors, the families and friends of all those we’ve lost.

At the time of this writing, we are on pace for two million deaths, and over 13,000 people are dying every day around the world. Hospitals are starting to reach zero percent capacity and having to decide who lives and who dies.

JP has been highly irresponsible in promoting his anti-science rhetoric—instead promoting the ignorance, arrogance, and privilege that he seems to operate from.

While JP Sears is doing interviews with Capitalism.com, COVID-19 has been shown to disproportionately impact people of color. It has displayed how capitalism keeps classism alive, as rich people have access to life-saving treatments that poor people don’t. Many of the people who caught it were forced to work in essential service jobs and risk their lives just to survive.

All while JP sits in his home making money by criticizing those who have to work to feed their children and are choosing to wear masks to protect their parents and immunocompromised friends. Others choose to wear masks because they literally can’t afford to get sick and be out of work for even a week. Yet JP seems to offer little empathy for them, or for the doctors and frontline workers who are working around the clock, in nonstop shifts with little-to-no sleep, and for the many who are dying.

Either JP has changed over the years, or the real JP Sears finally feels comfortable enough to come out. Either way, what we are seeing is directly disrespectful and hurtful to many. It’s about time that we talk about it, so that, in the future, we are more aware of the disingenuous way that some leaders can operate. (And “fake news,” which is a Trump-created term.)

When people are spreading misinformation that can cost people their lives, it is important for all of us to speak out. Enough is enough, and the Qanon insanity that reached a fever-pitch before the election needs to be put to a stop. With greater awareness, it’ll eventually fade away, as all debunked conspiracy theories do.

However, it still needs to be called out and exposed, so we can learn from our mistakes and have future generations be more aware of the pitfalls of human psychology that seek out comfort and idolatry over truth, and emotion over logic.

This is why anti-maskers find a home in conspiracy theories that shield them from having to face their own nature. The truth is that we are all connected, one way or another. Giving up any aspect of yourself and your perceived freedom for the consideration of others is likely to trigger someone higher on the narcissistic spectrum, since they struggle to understand the concept of an individual caring for others.

These so-called “influencers” abuse their power, and ignorantly spread dangerous misinformation. They try to position themselves as experts who are above their followers just to sell them products and courses in the future. Most of the time, what they are selling is just regurgitated common knowledge that is readily available for free in the business and marketing world—repackaged by a charismatic, snake oil salesman who pretends to be an expert.

Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the unfounded claims made that are being made by these New Age/extreme-right crossover folks:

For starters, they always tout the over 99 percent survival rate of coronavirus as a way to downplay how serious it is. But this doesn’t at all consider the long-term organ damage that many survivors are dealing with after. It is estimated that anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent of people become long-haulers, and as of now, there is still no end in sight for their suffering.

So what about the millions of people whose lives may be forever altered? They apparently do not matter to these people who are ridiculously ignorant and refuse to educate themselves outside of their own circles.

JP even released a video suggesting the flu is more deadly than COVID-19. This alone is a gross display of a lack of critical thinking and understanding. 

Warning: when you click the below, you contribute to his making a living.


If something is slightly less deadly but way more contagious, then it’s actually more deadly.

Some diseases had a 10 percent death rate but did not spread as easily, so in essence, they are “less deadly” than COVID. (It seems easy enough to understand.)

And adding on to how uninformed he is on COVID:

“Sears has apparently misinterpreted basic math from the CDC, in a manner that appears to be someone unfamiliar with probability. The CDC’s website shows, for instance, a .054 mortality rate from COVID for people aged 70 and up. Now, for those that know probability, that is out of 1, not 100; i.e., It’s 5.4 percent. Sears, however, seems to think the .054 means a .054 percent chance of death.” ~ RationalWiki

In addition, the R0 (reproduction rate) for COVID-19 is a median of 5.7, according to a study published online in Emerging Infectious Diseases. That’s about double an earlier R0 estimate of 2.2 to 2.7. That means that each person who contracts it can spread it to 5.7 people.

The R0 value of the 1918 pandemic that killed 50 million people was estimated to be between 1.4 and 2.8. This shows you how far we have come in the medical field and how grateful we should be for the intelligent minds that got us here. It is easy to forget this since we have never experienced a pandemic in our lives. But there was once a time that a single plague wiped out a whopping 50 to 60 percent of Europe’s entire population. If it was today, that would be around 370 to 400 million people dead.

Remember when people were talking about herd immunity, and giving kudos to Sweden’s CCL approach? Those cheerleaders are quieter, now, that Sweden has the highest mortality rate of all the Nordic countries. In order to achieve herd immunity, one model predicts we would need 82 percent of the population to be immune. That’s well over 6 billion people. As of now, there are 77.6 million cases and 1.71 million deaths, which is over 2%. But let’s give the benefit of the doubt, and assume that there is double the number of cases; even at a 1% death rate, that would mean that 60 million people would have to die before we hit the minimum threshold for herd immunity.

And all of that includes an assumption that lasting immunity is a thing. 

And allowing them all to die because of some personal belief in a “5G is a plot to stop 5D, a microchip in vaccines that takes over your DNA, nerdy Bill Gates is actually evil Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci is a Frankenstein doctor instead of the world’s leading virus expert to cover up anti-Semitism, Illuminati conspiracy theories” is simply…uncaring and flippant to the great majority of people on this planet who respect science over selfish alternative beliefs devoid of evidence, are fueled by the same fear that we accuse the media of promoting.

Even though Fox News is pretty close to it, Qanon conspiracies do not even make even 1% of the news coverage globally, including independent journalists. But if it did, we would all say, “They are promoting fear, division, and lies!” Yet, I see more of that happening in alternative communities than most other places in society. How did we get here?

And social media companies find themselves in a tough spot as well in the managing-truth vs. lies/censorship battle:

You’re entitled to your own opinions, but you aren’t entitled to your own facts—especially in matters that actively harm others.

It is easy to argue against it, but there are reasons to consider doing so as a private business. For example, let’s say that you owned a smoothie shop, and you build your brand as a positive space to get healthy. And then someone came into your store and start screaming at you, your employees, and all your customers about conspiracy theories. It is absolutely your right, as a private business, concerned with your customer’s and employee’s safety, to kick the person out. Or, in their view, perhaps, to “silence their voice” and censor them out of your business.

The same is generally valid for any business.

Fun Fact for people who are against “censorship”:

Private businesses don’t owe you free speech. Governments do. And even that has limits, such as yelling, “Fire!” in a theater. Yet, we always say that the micro is a reflection of the macro.

So how come the Sears family doesn’t call it censorship when they delete comments that call them out and block people who disagree with them?

And while it’s everyone’s right to do it, at the end of the day, it is “censorship” just as much. Except in the case of the New Age community, it’s typically a social media white bubble full of people disconnected from the reality that exists outside of their self-congratulating echo chambers, that does the censoring of those who are of “lower vibration” than them. It is cognitive dissonance at its finest and is intentionally chosen because a lot of people only care about feeling a certain way, at all costs. Many of them care about feeling power and control and will make anybody who threatens that the enemy.

For example, a few months ago, JP had one video removed from YouTube for violating their policies. He suddenly became a conspiracy theorist and is now up there along with Alex Jones, “fighting for our freedom” against the evil overlords trying to control us! Another example of his, perhaps, white privilege, was acting like he was being oppressed for merely having a single video removedOppressed? Cry us a river.


If you think having to wear a mask for a few minutes when you go shopping for a single year is oppression, maybe you should look into what African Americans went through for the last 400 years in this country.

If you think that “Masks Only” signs made you oppressed, imagine what it was like to see “White Only” signs for your entire life.

I have seen some of these spiritual people even compare wearing masks to slavery. It’s insulting. It’s out of touch with reality.

Oppression is what people in the LGBTQ+ community have experienced throughout their lives.

I’m sorry, angry white people, but no, you don’t know what actual oppression is in the same way others do. You don’t know what losing your freedom really looks like if you think that having to wear a mask for a few minutes while you grocery shop is it.

And right now, anti-maskers look as ridiculous as people would look for protesting seatbelts.

“It’s my chest, and it deserves freedom from fabric when I drive!”

Except in this case, if you don’t put on the seatbelt, other people can die instead of just you.

Interestingly, after JP Sears’s video got removed for spreading false information, he bashed YouTube, all while selling supplements on it. Keep in mind that this is the platform that took him from being a would-be life coach to having some income through ongoing sponsorship promotions. His videos now reek of “sell-out.”


The anti-maskers who protested this pandemic are ironically the reason we are still in the pandemic.

Due to COVID spreading exponentially, we needed to be on the same page and have a global lockdown early.

Each day that passed made the virus more difficult to contain. Thus, the people who most fought for our “freedom,” ironically, were the ones who took away our freedoms for an even more extended period of time by their short-sightedness.

While people in countries like New Zealand worked together and trusted their experts, and have effectively defeated coronavirus. It is not a surprise that the United States has the highest number of cases when American culture focuses so much on individualism and self-centeredness. In contrast, other countries have more of a focus on community and looking out for one another. It’s also not a surprise that a self-centered culture would churn out these “characters” like JP Sears.

It is essential to recognize that the current death count was with lockdowns in place. The flu numbers are based on zero lockdowns and measures in place. And yet, they still do not even come close to COVID numbers. The flu does not kill tens of millions of people anymore as it did in the past, and like COVID would have if we didn’t have any lockdowns or wear masks.

Anti-maskers simply don’t care about others as much as they care about their own privilege and comfort.

There are some out there who have suggested that only old people die, so it’s not a big deal. This lack of compassion for human life is disturbing. Do you know the difference between 65 and 75? It is watching your grandkids grow up. It’s watching them walk down the aisle. It’s creating more memories with the love of your life. Just think about how much life you have lived in the last 10 years. Yet, people like Sears enable those acting selfishly like him while shaming those who are acting responsibly and consciously. We talk a lot about awareness but seem to only be aware of ourselves, our own experience, and our tiny bubbles, with little consideration for the rest of humanity and how we all impact one another.

Spiritual snobbery is often based on projecting the judgments one carries of themselves onto others. People are just over it. Mocking people nonstop as a form of comedy is not funny. Real comedians that become well-known are praised in the comedy world because of their creativity. With JP Sears, it’s literally the exact same formula in every video. Find a trending topic, critique it, and rip it apart from the outside looking in, as if you have the topic figured out and are suddenly an expert in it. We get it. Everybody else is unintelligent, except you, and every element of spirituality and society is a joke to you. These life-changing spiritual principles are exploited as clickbait for profit.

And when people get offended by them, his defenders say, “He’s just a comedian.” However, that cover-up is no longer working. Not when he is clearly trying to steer people down a dangerous path. Mr. Sears shields himself behind his satire, conveniently getting to choose when it’s just comedy and when it’s not, based on the backlash he gets (and he is the king of backpedaling). His humor is designed to give him the space to say he was just kidding as a way out, but it’s incredibly manipulative.

Instead of being humble and informative, JP now comes off as an entitled and arrogant know-it-all. His act is merely getting old and played out. His comments thread is full of angry right-wingers making fun of the left for caring about social issues.

He makes fun of people for wearing masks…even though he spent his whole life hiding behind one.

JP also has a history of making fun of poverty, including the Costa Rica video where he made fun of the locals and got ran out of the country after receiving death threats. His most recent video made fun of homeless people in California, suggesting they enjoy being homeless and are “just camping.” Throughout these years, he never discusses root causes, adds any insightful commentary, or cares about social issues. Instead, he spends all his time criticizing the entire world on his high horse, from the outside looking in, all while putting no real effort to get politically or socially educated by the “social justice warriors” and activists he constantly makes fun of—most of who are far more educated on social issues than he is.

Many people hide behind their comedy, their social media posts, and their highly edited public images. Many want to be perceived as activists while doing minimal behind the scenes work. With little to zero education in science, psychology, or health, they parrot debunked online documentaries like “Plandemic” (a pseudoscience film that claimed that COVID is “activated” by wearing a mask). 

Interestingly, all of these people are connected to one another and are collectively fanning the flames of fear and separation.

“JP Sears is connected directly to Plandemic creator, Mikki Willis, who is connected to primary Q-promoter (and cicada infiltrator) Lisa Clapier, who connects to Gaia productions, and Foster Gamble, who runs Thrive, which is what connects a lot of the ‘New Age’ set with fascist ideas.” ~ Daniel Morrison.  

If you want to go into the deep end of how our communities are psychologically manipulated and how there are for-profit companies that governments hire to psychologically influence the masses through social media, you can read this article to learn more.

Many of these characters are aware and doing it intentionally, but there are many others who are being used and manipulated into using and manipulating others. It’s a sad spiral of influence.

And because of the human psyche’s need to justify its own existence, it is easier for these people to make fun of others for wearing masks than it is to admit that they are ignorant or selfish. But to all the people who were considerate and who made sacrifices in 2020, just know that you are part of the solution and not the problem.

Here is the deal, though: JP making fun of people for having emotional reactions while simultaneously offending them on purpose just to bring himself attention—and then making a video about how people are offended over everything—feels a lot like how an abuser operates.

It’s gaslighting 101 and is designed to continually put him and his opinions on a pedestal while putting other people’s views and experiences down. And like a typical abuser, he will ridicule you for having an emotional response and make you feel crazy or too sensitive for caring.

He makes fun of the demographic that made him who he is and has recently turned into the very thing he makes fun of. In the same way, he once made fun of Instagram models who have big egos and put on a fake image on social media (and then went on to marry one). I am not saying this as a personal jab from me. I am literally echoing what The Sears themselves both joked about it when discussing the irony of their relationship during one video. Many people talk about the narcissist/empath attraction, but the narcissist/narcissist attraction is just as real. And we see it on full display with these two.

The first red flag was their first story I mentioned earlier about Costa Rica when they both made fun of all the locals. JP and Amber Sears, unfortunately, had to deal with death threats, which is not okay. But it reflected just how serious the local outrage was. This was a prime example of the rampant privilege we see in the yoga influencer world. Many times, we see white folks use people of color in their own home countries and exploit their land’s resources and beauty in order to sell a false image of success on social media.  All while not respecting the local culture.

All you see are Instagram photos of a fake life designed to get you to fork over thousands of dollars.

All of this is to call out the hypocrisy of these “influencers.” They’re more obsessed with their image than improving their actual lives. It is to point out that it takes a specific kind of person to try to make money by prematurely positioning themselves as experts, teaching other people things that they themselves have not mastered, let alone practiced in their own lives. It is a level of self-importance that is beyond reality. It is not about elevating you. It is about elevating themselves and their image. They are no better than you. They are just self-absorbed enough to pretend that they are in order to make money off of your desire for self-growth.

I am sure their supporters will say that I’m jealous or angry and call me other names to discredit this post. But I know where it’s coming from and what my intentions are. Being held accountable comes with the territory if you want to be a public figure. Personally, I’ve experienced some of the most growth in my own life after I was called out. I’ve actually come to appreciate those moments even though they were painful at the time. 

So, COVID was the last straw for me. I’ve seen too many people get deeply traumatized following internet gurus into unhealthy mental spaces.

Often, narcissists support other narcissists because it helps them deal with the subconscious shame of being one. This is probably why the Sears and their group of friends held a gathering recently to pray for Donald Trump. They believe that he is their savior and will usher in “Christ Consciousness.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

And why do they support him? Because Trump being in power gave these people permission for their own narcissism to exist. This is not about consciousness or awareness. It’s about ego.

Many religions and spiritual beliefs are about transcending the “I”—the ego—and being connected to something larger than ourselves. The people who took COVID seriously should know that their efforts contributed to saving people’s lives and they are appreciated so much for doing so. And the people who did not wear masks and hosted big gatherings, all 100 percent contributed to keeping the pandemic going. And all you “conscious event space holders” should be held accountable.

To everyone else, I ask you not to support any of these people post-COVID because they showed their true colors when it mattered the most and when human life was on the line.

What’s sad is that many of their actions may have created ripple effects that led to somebody’s death, and most of them will never even know about it. They will never be held accountable or feel bad, and they will continue living their lives thinking they didn’t cause harm, ignorant that they have caused somebody to die. It is a murderous belief system that is predicated on selfishness and is the epitome of narcissism. This is why we see this behavior so prevalent in the New Age community. Because it is a space that is rampant with narcissism that is covered up as self-love and freedom.

The real point is to stop putting these toxic people on pedestals.

They’re using you for likes and views and only care about money, fame, and validation. They are not any more evolved than you. If anything, they are further away, as they have positioned themselves as experts when they are not and have ignored their own healing in the process. They are characters. They are salespeople on the internet who are lying to you. I repeat. They are not experts in medicine, science, or psychology.

Stop believing the unfounded fear that they are peddling and stop giving your power away to attention-seekers that don’t care about you. Being conscious is about being present and aware of the world as it actually is. Anything else is just a denial of reality and the suppression of deeper truths.

You have reached the end of this article. And guess what? I have nothing to sell you. And it was written by a flawed human. My only intention is to plant these seeds. And I hope it inspires some conversation and reflection within our global community.

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