December 20, 2020

What Mindfulness Really is (& how to Access it so we can Let Go).

We are given many tools on the human journey to help us through this often confusing time of being an incarnated being.

There are tricks, hacks, access points, portals, and synchronicities around us at all times.

But most of us don’t have the tools to decipher these clues we are constantly being given. And even if we did have the tools to unlock the codes around us, it would be of no use because so few people are really paying attention.

This is one of the reasons we need mindfulness so badly.

In modern-day culture, mindfulness is being sold to us as a stress relief tool to aid us in calming down and coping better with everyday anxieties.

Although this is true on one level, this description of mindfulness as a way to be more productive and sleep better is a watered down explanation of what this incredible way of being can bring into our lives.

In the bigger scheme of things, mindfulness is the tool we train in to stay sharp and focused in order to play the game of life.

Each and every millisecond we are making choices. And these choices have impact and inform what the following moment will be like. When we aren’t paying attention, we fall into unwholesome traits, like fear, worry, blame, impatience, resentment, and so on. And these unwholesome projections keep us in a loop of suffering.

When we slow down and pay attention, we have a better chance at being intentional so we can carefully choose wholesome traits, such as love and openness.

When we slow down and pay attention, we will also see numbers, signs, and colors and hear songs and words that inspire us and make us intuitively feel we are on our right path, even if the evidence in the real world appears slim.

Shamanism, psychic gifts, tarot, oracles, past life readings—all of these are also tools we can use to access clues and hints to which direction to walk in life. But they are limited. They read information in the matrix but often confuse us because the big picture information is of no use if we can’t listen and look in each and every moment.

What makes matters more difficult is that we have become quite confused about what success, accomplishment, and fulfillment are really about.

Most of us are looking in the wrong places. We are looking at a scale, a bank account, or a social media profile. But passing the game of life is not about accumulating wealth or living the longest at all.

It is about letting go of the fragile human body and just being with the eternal soul that is attached to nothing. Or more simply put, it is about moving away from fear and falling into love.

As long as you believe you are you, then you will keep going on forever, suffering, worrying, and wondering how to succeed. Mindfulness can take us out of this sense of self. We get quiet and there is just space, and for a few moments, we aren’t wondering how to “make myself succeed,” and we see there is no end result.

Am I getting too existential?

Let’s look at it this way.

We are born and we start walking a path. It doesn’t take too long to see that this path is quite steep at times. We feel alone and tired, trudging along the trail, and it seems we will never get to our destination. But most of us keep walking. We whine and complain a lot along the way. Eventually, we might choose to sit down and take a rest and just breath.

Once we get quiet and stop our constant complaining about having to walk so long, we look around and see we have guides helping us along the path. These guides don’t just point which way to go or tell us exactly which boulder to step over. They give us clues showing us an easier route, or which way to turn so we won’t have to backtrack later.

Is this what it means to listen to our intuition? It is hard to say because mostly, people confuse intuition with their egoic negative self-talk.

Intuition is pretty quiet and can be really uncomfortable. Intuitive listening pushes us to do what we know we need to do but scares us half to death. Intuition isn’t meant to keep us comfortable. It is meant to keep us on the right track of our soul path, which requires us to be uncomfortable.

This is why Joseph Campbell calls this human life the hero’s journey and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche calls his being a “spiritual warrior.”

After awhile, we get tired of the trail altogether. We see that everything we need is provided and there doesn’t need to be any exhaustive walking and hiking or striving at all.

We see we are not only being guided, but life is taking care of us, as we are life itself. And we can actually choose to simply surrender and just float.

This is what it means to ascend.

We float above the heavy, human drama.

Love floats.

We become love.

A big part of ascension is flourishing under difficult circumstances. Believing we have been wronged is a misunderstanding of the divine plan. We can’t be wronged. We create everything as the perfect karmic opportunity for ascension.

Each person is living in a custom reality created moment by moment and perfectly designed for their destiny.

This is why it is essential to move away from unwholesome behaviors, such as blame and resentment. All they do is waste energy, and we need all our energy conserved and high vibe to ascend. Complaining is a good example of a trait that wastes energy. We just spit all of it out of our mouth hole and leave ourselves drained. This is how we stay in the muck of lower vibrations.

When we don’t get triggered by temporary phenomena, we get bliss.

So, we just let go. We let go of everything that worries us. It isn’t an easy task, but it is possible if we take the time to do it every day.

Letting go is letting go of the weights that bind us so we can rise.

We are basically a hot air balloon.

We need to keep all of our energy in our own energetic balloon and release all the weights holding us to earth.

And then we naturally rise.

No effort required.

We rise over the mountain of exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress.

We apply mindfulness and see where the attachments are holding us back, and we cut them loose.

The signs will appear that we are moving in the right direction as we rise beyond the path.

We won’t be comfortable, but we will keep going.

We will be more and more mindful until there is nothing left to be mindful of.

I know you will.



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