December 28, 2020

What Will The Last & 13th Full Moon of 2020 Mean for You? {December 29}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” ~  Lao Tzu

2020 has been a powerhouse of epic cosmic occurrences.

“Written in the stars” has a new meaning for me this year. What happens between planetary bodies triggers evolutionary soul leaps within ours. That is what I have come to understand of our relationship with the consciousness of the stars.

We began the year with a Saturn and Pluto conjunction and seven planets in Capricorn on January 11/12. There were six eclipses instead of four—portal after portal of shifting outdated paradigms. Solstice on December 21 witnessed another conjunction, this time between Jupiter and Saturn. It’s not surprising that this year would also have a 13th full moon.

The significance of the 13th moon is correlated to the 13th tarot, the Death Card. I see it to mean the death of the old and birthing of something new. Because the full moon is Mother Moon and signifies the birthing stage of the lunar cycle, the alignment is even more poignant.

In the world of the Pagan, life and death are simultaneous events; when we die, we are born to a new state out of body, and when we are born, we die to the dark world within the womb. In nature, same, same. A seed must die to itself in order to grow into an oak. 2020’s chaos gives way to a new cycle of astronomical and astrological movements, which like a symphony, evoke in us new ways of being and feeling.

This cold, blue, full moon in Cancer is another nod to the Mother archetype with emotions of sensitivity, kindness, affection, and love. A water sign, it is associated with home, safety, and comfort. We are generally more susceptible to the tides of overwhelming feelings during the full moon, and Cancer only amplifies this possibility.

>> This moon will be personal to those with Sun, moon or their rising sign in Cancer. To protect and find balance in your emotions, anything earthy will be your antidote–root vegetables, grounding activities in nature, time spent with an earth sign, tactile activities such as knitting (with wool), pottery, woodworking or simply hugging a tree!

>> Well aspected with Uranus, this moon speaks of welcome change, freedom, and intuition.

>> Because of the procession of the equinoxes, the moon is actually in the constellation of Gemini, with the fixed star Alhena at 09°23′ Cancer on the left foot of the Southern Gemini Twin, Pollux. Gemini may find this moon challenging, but not outside its ability to make the most of it.

>> Avoid manipulative, passive-aggressive people or situations, and if you are caught in something, back away, and don’t feel bad about a bit of hermiting like a crab would do, to find equilibrium.

>> Cancer’s influence could cause us to soak up the atmosphere around us, becoming especially sensitive to others, or even ourselves. Remember to take things with a grain of salt (no really, toss some salt over your shoulder!) to laugh, and know that nothing is worth your peace of mind. There are always going to be triggers in our lives. Life mastery is becoming friendly with ups and downs.

>> Family matters may rise to the surface. You are not responsible for your family dynamic, just let that one go. Harmony is not always possible in all situations, and you cannot sacrifice yourself for your tribe.

>> Emotions can get the better of good judgment. Count to 10 before you react. Taking responsibility for our own actions can take up so much time we may not even have a second to react to someone else.

>> Cancer may also bring up the discord between independence and the smothering control of another. This may be a time to say goodbye to your own controlling mechanisms, or those of someone you love.

>> Cancer does not like to say goodbye…hanging on to relationships long past their due date, while everything seems quite tragic even at the smallest hiccup in love. Wait at least three days past the full moon to make any long-term decisions, allowing disagreements to simmer down.

>> This moon may bring decisive clarity on future endeavors. Are you ready to birth something? Harness the energy of this special moon to release the brakes on creativity!

>> If a business partnership seems too good to be true right now, it is too good to be true. While it may seem easier to have a go with another creative, trust your intuition if something feels too easy.

>> Things from the past may find their way back to you–either old relationships, old wounds, or even an old possession lost then found. When things return to us, they offer us a chance to look at them with new eyes. You may also find this moon perfect for calling upon an ancestor for guidance and wisdom.

>> The moon and Cancer are all about water. The symbolism for flow is rich here, so you will do well to be near a river, ocean, stream, or even in your shower. Sit in a bath perhaps, then let the water flow out while you chant a release mantra.

>> Work with moonstone, pearl, onyx, or any silver-gray stone.

>> Tarot cards to explore: Death (transformation) and The Chariot (overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction).

We will feel this moon energy until the next new/dark moon on January 13 in Capricorn, with another conjunction of Saturn with Mercury a few days before on the 9th.

Blessed be, Wild Ones, onward and upwards! Enjoy the full moon, she is illumination and intuition. Trust yours.


Another one on this last full moon of 2020: Cancer Full Moon & Last Full Moon of 2020: Out of the Past & Into Present. {December 29th}


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