January 17, 2021

How to Deal with Rejection.


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The one aspect of our lives that has no evidence is rejection.

We keep this misfortune close to our hearts, yet far from disclosure. We can hardly own up to the sheer reality that looms along with rejection.

It can occur at any point in life, at any phase, and in any relationship.

Everyone has their own journey of struggle, and we all try to improve ourselves and aim for bigger goals.

Many times, due to external circumstances, we end up in an endless cycle of rejections that come in the form of life goals being incomplete, resuming our careers, broken bonds in our family, or even failing to meet our own expectations.

One thing that I have learned over the years with the bitter pill of rejection in various forms is that I have no control over certain outcomes.

I can try and try, but I cannot reach beyond a certain point in key academic milestones.

I can pray and cry, but I cannot be a perfect daughter, daughter-in-law, or wife.

I can push myself to the edge, but I cannot make any business owner see my worth and send me an offer instead of a “we are sorry” email.

After countless failings in life—and perhaps more to come—I have acquired the quality of resilience.

I have learned that rejection is such a powerless aspect in our lives—powerless because we get to decide how we want to deal with setbacks. We get to allot the efforts and energy we put into certain situations.

Getting lost in the cycle of rejection is easy. The trick is to learn how to snap out of it.

The only mantra I’ve been using lately is:

I cannot undo some outcomes.

I cannot keep waiting for a miracle.

Instead, I can work toward improving my opportunities.

I cannot give up no matter how tough the situation is.

Rejection is a guest who often visits us, and like any other guest, it will eventually leave. So the best way to deal with this unfortunate guest is to be patient, positive, and hopeful.

Because the day will come when the cycle of rejection breaks and we will be able to bask in the success of our careers, relationships, or personal goals.

The key is to ride the tide—not drown in it.



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