January 14, 2021

The Difference between BLM & the Capitol Riots.


I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing during the impeachment hearing in the House last night.

One week after elected officials had to hide from an angry mob of Trump supporters, we had to witness a debate on who is responsible for these acts of violence.

Let that sink in.

Most of us saw the rioters storming Capitol Hill live on TV, many of us were troubled by Trump’s reaction, and a certain group of people got ready to defend the angry mob and their leader, who is still President of the United States.

The gaslighting has started, and parts of the Republican party are playing the whataboutism-card.

While Trump pretends to condemn the violence, some delegates used their public voice to compare the Capitol riots to the Black Lives Matter protest last summer. They compare Democrats calling for protests on the streets after cops murdered George Floyd to the Trump event that was held before the riots.

Is it really the same when Liberals support citizens who stand up for basic human rights and when a loser does not accept the result of elections? Is it the same when minorities demand an existence free of racism, while Trump asks his supporters to be strong and Rudy Giuliani calls for Trial by Combat?

What would have happened if Black Lives Matter activists would have stormed government buildings to interfere with the outcome of the election? What would have happened if the dude with the horns was a black man? What would Republicans have said about the disrespect toward institutions if some punk would have taken a selfie in Mike Pence’s office?

One week after hiding from rioters in a bunker, we would expect Republican delegates to be infuriated about the dangerous situation they were put in. Instead, we see only 10 of them voting in support of the impeachment, while the rest of the party keeps defending a president who is clearly out of control.

There was even the argument that an impeachment process could create even more violence as an argument against it. Let me get that straight: some elected officials are officially giving in? Do they base their decision on fear of the angry mob? Isn’t that exactly what terrorism is trying to achieve?

There was another argument that Trump was not responsible for the uproar. Really? I would invite anyone questioning that to rewatch Trump’s speech before the riots—that is gaslighting at its worst.

And another group of Republicans warned that this impeachment could set the ground for countless politically motivated trials in the future. I am not too worried about that because anytime there will be a bipartisan vote to get rid of a crazy president in the future, I would love to see that person getting kicked out of office. It’s called checks and balances and is an essential part of American democracy.

We can’t turn back the wheels of time, but we need to move forward and make sure that we never have to witness Congress members hiding in a bunker from a right-wing militia.

I urge every Conservative in the country to take a moment of silence and reflect on the current events. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what kind of country you want to live in. Is the behavior of Trump really representing your values? Do you want to be associated with an angry mob that is carrying confederate flags into the Senate Hall?

Yes, the violence last summer during the Black Lives Matter protests wasn’t the strongest part of the movement—I also condemn violence—but there is a huge difference between resisting (and mostly peacefully) the executive branch (police) and attacking the legislative branch (Congress). Not to forget that the angry mob also had to attack federal officers before storming the country’s highest institutions.

And what about All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter? Wasn’t that the biggest argument of Conservatives last summer? Tell that to Brian D. Sicknick, who got murdered by rioters on Capitol Hill on January 6th.

Brian D. Sicknick’s name should also be remembered. He lost his life while trying to defend the United States from a mob that was staging a coup backed by the sitting president’s order.

If that is not enough to start impeachment trials, then I don’t know what is.



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