January 7, 2021

The Kick-Ass Affirmation we all Need.

Be forewarned…the affirmation I am about to present to you may seem simple.

It may seem like just a few words that won’t go anywhere and couldn’t possibly accomplish anything.

But that is not my experience with this important affirmation.

Words are powerful, and intentions are mastery.

What we say in our minds, hearts, and with our voices has an impact. And isn’t that what we are here on Earth to do? To have an impact?

Since stating this kick-ass affirmation sincerely to the magical Universe a few years ago, I now live in a different home, have a new style of life, had a shift in the people who are my main relationships, and have had visions of an exciting future I never could have imagined that brings me great joy.

The result of this affirmation has been nothing I could have expected.

It has turned out to be much better than I even could have imagined.

Over eternity your soul has traveled. Oh, has it ever traveled. I don’t know if you could even comprehend the wild ride your soul has been on.

So, when we are focused on mindfulness, self-awareness, and healing, we are not only healing the memories we are conscious of, but we are healing all experiences from all aspects of our soul journey. And when we let go of “needing to fully know and understand” what is being healed, we can have larger and broader results on our healing journey.

This affirmation will help with that.

When setting an affirmation, it is good to be in a calm, clear state. It is good to be sincere. And it is good to apply as much open-minded and full-hearted curiosity and willingness as you can muster.

The affirmation does need to be stated, and that can be done either out loud or in your mind’s eye.

That part is easy. Stating the affirmation.

The next step is a little trickier. The next step is fully letting go. The result of the affirmation will be seen and known whenever it is seen or known. No overthinking or micromanaging is necessary.

Instead, we simply trust that the affirmation has been set even though we don’t know what will happen next.

The number one kick-ass affirmation is:

“I am whole. All my energy is returning to me.”

Because unfortunately, most of us aren’t energetically whole. We have left our energy scattered all over the place. It is in our family members, and our old lovers, and our ancestors, and in all types of other realms.

And that isn’t any good, because here we are on Earth with things to do and healing to offer, we need all our energy to accomplish these fulfilling tasks we came here on Earth to do.

So, a first step, and a great first step for 2021, is to recover your fragmented energy from all the places you have traveled and be as whole as possible, and then move forward with all your authenticity recovered and in the right place.

If you want, you can add to the affirmation a visualization of energy of all colors returning to you.

This process of becoming whole and recovering energy isn’t immediate. Be patient. Be open. Be persistent.

But don’t think for a moment you know what will happen next.

Your energy is unique and so will be the next steps of your journey.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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