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January 23, 2021

The most vulnerable thing I share made me strong and gave connection

I am am Author, a writer, an artist, a movement coach (in yoga and fitness)
and health and wellbeing consultant.

The biggest vulnerable thing I shared was:
My Naked Truth Statement (first here then in my book)
I’m Rhy.
I’m a yoga teacher and wellbeing consultant.
I taught myself pole dancing and yoga.
I have experienced abuse, been raped
and tried to commit suicide.
I lost a baby.
I have a beautiful daughter.
I worked as a top executive assistant.
I post regular photos and videos of myself online, with commentaries on life, love and yoga.
I view my body as a gift and don’t feel
that clothes should define us.
My images, with or without clothes, are about art and freedom.
My heart hurts from all the judgement in the world.
I wish I could fix it so my daughter didn’t have to experience this hatred.
It’s hard being misunderstood in my yoga and fitness. The judgement can be overwhelming but all I can do is show my journey and let others share theirs. I used to be terrified of being my true self – honest and vulnerable. But I’d rather be judged for my truth than for something “perfect” that’s not who I really am. And this is just part of my story …extract from my book Brave, Beautiful and Baring it All on Amazon.

The words I share in my Naked Truth Statement still make me feel vulnerable to this day and make my heart beat fast wondering what the world will think. But I am learning every insecurity I hold about my body I have heard someone say. Every insecurity about myself Ive learnt from the outside world. My body does not make me feel uncomfortable until I hear the words of another or the world shame or judge me. I am learning people will judge you no matter what so you may as well live the depths of your life and be judged for what really matters to you.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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