February 18, 2021

I Know How to F*ck—Now, Teach Me to Feel.

I recently had the most intense pleasure experience I’ve ever had.

And that’s something, coming from me.

You see, I’ve spent a great deal of my life exploring sexuality, including the last 20 years in the field of conscious sexuality, healing, teaching, and researching.

I talk a lot about not comparing experiences. Because when we’re truly present, every experience is the best. However, there are moments that touch us deeply, that bring change, that open our eyes, our minds, our bodies, and our hearts.

It’s also important to acknowledge that there are times when we are more conscious than others, and that will, of course, impact our experience.

My personal experience is not an easy one to describe. Deep moments never are.

There was an alignment of body, heart, energy, and spirit.

There was an intensity that led to tears as an expression of the depth of feeling.

There was an entire body in orgasm.

There was a zinging—our word, my lover’s and mine, for the energy that moved through me for hours afterward.

There was a quiet, a deep peace.

There was stillness, and in the stillness there was a vibration.

There was a moment that the world shifted slightly.

There was an intimate connection, where we couldn’t separate one from the other.

There was…

We had a long, slow build-up to that moment, hours of sexual energy play. For high levels of pleasure, this is vital; and one of the things I talk about in my workshops is that it requires patience.

In a world of instant gratification and shortening attention spans, many of us find this challenging.

We had connection, we had breathing, we had talking, we had vulnerability and power—we had every element we could.

We had knowledge and skills.

And what made that depth of experience possible was the feeling. That’s where the power is.

When we see sex as an energy experience, so much changes.

That’s where the possibility is.


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