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February 16, 2021

Is Trump a Winner or Satan?

Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.

He has been called many names by many people: narcissist, racist, sexist, immoral, divisive, inciter, pernicious, diabolical, nefarious, despicable, loathsome, deceitful, dishonest, arrogant, egotistical, insurrectionist, distortionist, cheater, liar, actor?, impersonator, adulterer, suer…and  more.  Much more.  But he prefers to be known as a winner.

His entire brand is all about winning.

But he is no longer a winner.  He lost.  He was impeached.  He was denounced by the highest-ranking leader of his own party.

In defeat he exposed who he really is – an imposter and a bully.

He claims his strength and greatness is tied to his winning.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He is neither strong nor great.  He is a bully.

He lost, denied that he lost.  Blamed others for a “rigged election”, incited rioters to try to capture and kill leadership to stop the peaceful transfer of power and overthrow the results.

At his rally on January 6, he said, ‘And after this, we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you, we’re going to walk down, we’re going to walk down.’

Then, he went home under the protective cover of the secret service, watched on TV, and cheered as his supporters stormed the capitol and tried to capture and kill our elected representatives including his vice-president.

Is this strength and greatness?

Strength is not being a bully.  Strength is the courage to stand up to the bully.

Strength is not claiming to lead people somewhere and then going home instead.

Greatness is not denigrating others and inciting riots.  Greatness is reliant on a foundation of integrity and morality.

Now that he has been exposed as an imposter of strength and, maybe just a bully, let’s dive deeper.

I believe that he is much worse than just a bully or liar or the descriptors used above.

I believe that Donald Trump is the Devil.

Just as God sent Jesus for our benefit, I believe that he also sent Donald Trump as the opposite example.

I believe that Donald Trump is the living embodiment of The Devil.  I am hopeful that he was created by God to teach us a lesson about how not to live, so that eternal life is possible if we disavow the Devil.

See, I have been watching him for a while.  He is very good at what he does.  He manipulates people to help him reach his selfish objectives.  Most people with whom he has personally met in a social setting, say that he is charming, affable, and endearing.

I have seen how he has come to wealth and power through inheritance, litigation, deception, tax avoidance, manipulation, division, and other nefarious tactics including one of his favorites – OPM.   OPM is an acronym for Other People’s Money.

Think about that. His winning brand is just a mirage of his ‘success’.  Part of his wealth comes from that fact that he has gotten people to pay him money for the right to put his name on their products.  He even bragged about it in a debate.  And if it doesn’t work out to his liking, he’ll just sue them, deny association with them, or call it fake news.

His tactics reinforced his despicable behavior and perpetuated it.  As a youth, he was a bully.  As he got older, he inherited wealth and dodged the draft 5 times.  This gave him a sense of entitlement and confidence.  This led to him pretending to be a PR representative for himself, to brag about his conquests, then he even lied about being an imposter.  He got away with all of this, so he got more confident.  If he can get away with whatever he wanted, he was never held accountable which perpetuated his arrogance and pursuit of power.

When you can get away with mocking disabled, veterans, war heroes, women, minorities, grabbing pussy, attacking media as fake and more; you become emboldened by it.

But the confluence of his personal hubris, wealth and power within our current environment is much more dangerous than just a rich, arrogant asshole in a vacuum.  He is a product of this unique time in history, geography, and theological and political ideology.

He has co-opted a unique and toxic mix of  ‘American Exceptionalism’,  Social Humanism, and  Nationalism, used modern communication platforms in his lustful pursuit of securing and then retaining power, combined with immorality and  lack of humility; to create an inimitable, infamous and dangerous caricature of a human being in the history of mankind.  We are now at an existential crossroads and collective moral conundrum about what to do about him and our society.

Religion is important for many reasons, but one is because its adherents believe in God (however you refer to the greater power) and that belief leads to certain societally uniform behaviors.  Belief in God provides a foundation for the United States of America as noted in our Pledge of Allegiance – One Nation Under God.

I think he uses religion and, specifically Christianity as just a tool to gain support but has no fealty or deference to it or any God except the false God of Greed.

As evidence, he used the nomination process of Supreme Court justices to secure the support of evangelical Christians, including vice-president, Mike Pence to gain the ultimate power on earth – President of the United States of America.  Then he caused an insurrection to try to have him captured, lynched, or murdered to stay in power.  See, Pence and Christianity were just his pawns to be used and tossed aside after reaching his selfish objectives.

If your God is Greed or self-satisfaction, then it can’t be anything else.  His greed is self-serving which makes empathy and humility concurrently impossible for him.  Therefore, in his case, truth is irrelevant.  Integrity and morality are irrelevant.  God and religion are irrelevant.  They are all just tools to achieve personal objectives.

Truth then for him, becomes just a construct that can be a subjective tool used to achieve a personal agenda.  As an acknowledged serial adulterer who paid off prostitutes and bragged about ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’  and has married 3 different women; fidelity doesn’t matter to him either.

If you don’t believe in fidelity then you don’t have fidelity to truth, so truth is irrelevant as long as your objectives are met.

If your orientation is to achieve personal satisfaction without underlying integrity, then it is a slippery slope.  All foundational principles and morality are irrelevant when you pray to the God of self-satisfaction instead of a benevolent, omniscient one.

If you honestly look at him objectively, you will see that he is much more than a representative of capitalism gone wild and greed is good.  He is actually the living, breathing compilation of the Seven Deadly Sins.  According to the standard list, they are pridegreedwrathenvylustgluttony, and sloth,[2] which are contrary to the seven heavenly virtues.

So, the truth is now exposed.  Donald Trump, who convinced 70+ million people to vote for him, is at best an immoral imposter and bully but may be worseHe may be the devil reincarnated.

The question is, was this a purposeful act of God to help us?  Did God send him here to teach us a lesson about how NOT to live?

Or, is he the ultimate example of the future of man on earth as KING OF ALL living things?

Our collective ego wants us to believe that we are supreme beings and that all things on this planet were meant for us and our gratification (humanism).  Clearly, Trump believes this to be true.

However, religion, humility, integrity, and scientific truth tell us that we are a part of something greater in connection with all other living things on earth.

What is the truth to you in the images below?

Donald Trump sees himself at the top on the left.  He thinks that he is God-like and has stated as such, when he said, “I alone can fix it”.  But that hubris is what makes him much more like the Devil than God.

What you see, depends on your perspective…and as noted many times in my essays, everything is Subjective.  However, hopefully, society will demonstrate collective humility and awareness to see that we are all connected to every living thing – not above it.

How we answer these questions and how we decide to hold Trump accountable as a Winner or The Devil will define us as a society. And, long-term, the future viability of mankind itself.  Because, if we allow him to become a martyr, because his deceitfulness was never held into account, surely we are all going to hell.

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